Words and meanings

With all of the sites here on WordPress, both professional and otherwise, I don’t understand why we have to use some of the words which pop up occasionally. Some of them are very explicit or vulgar, some project an attitude of hatred and menace. Why can’t we be a bit more civil in our writings than we are when we are speaking? I mean, you have to actually use your brain to write things like blogs or posts or articles,,,so why not think about other people’s feelings first and consider what you are about to write before you just blurt it out on the web?

I know that I sound like some old prude or a Christian when I say this, but that is because I am. You don’t have to read what I write if you don’t like it and I don’t have to read what you write if I don’t like the language or the hatred in it. The point that I am trying to make is this: there are millions of people cruising on the Internet every day, can’t we try to portray some of the best of humanity instead of sounding like we have no idea what to say? So we just write down words which are not helpful but hurtful, not of a language which you would use in a church or even a business meeting.

Can’t we just get along at least here in cyberspace, even when we can’t do so in other places? Just my thoughts.


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