My mother is no longer with us and she didn’t get to see her grandson, at least she didn’t see him in person. I feel that any of our family in heaven do have a way of seeing into our lives from there so it is possible that she knows about him. Why am I starting this post with the telling of my mom being in heaven? Because I know she is there.

myMomI know she was a Bible reading woman and she took me to church each Sunday. She also had a beautiful voice and she was singing hymns much of the time while I was growing up. Does this prove that she was a Christian? No, but in my heart, I feel that she is there. I suppose I will find out when I get there in….well, whenever God calls me home.

My mother was a good Mom and I never thought of her as anything other than my mom. I am thankful for her and the effort that it took to raise me on her own, even though my grandparents were there. They didn’t discipline me in any meaningful way because they were afraid of driving me away. I had way too much freedom during my teen years, but those were the ’70’s before we even knew what a terrorist was. The only time I even heard about a Muslim religion was during the hostage crisis during my senior year in high school.

Life has changed a lot in the last forty years and not really for the better. Society has changed in ways that my graduating class of 1979 never thought would be a part of our lives. But…it is now and it will likely be this way until the end of days when Jesus comes back. Humanity will survive but there are going to be some hard times coming soon and for those who do not know Jesus the world will be so different from today. It will be more dangerous and much more like the movie “1984”.