Good days and bad days

You know about them, because we all have them. Sometimes they even get mixed up together with a day starting off one way and ending up on the other. I have days that begin and end that way sometimes and I am sure that you do too. So, what can we do about them? Sometimes we really can’t do much other than take medication or in my case read the Psalms. You know where it is in the Bible, everybody does. Why do I say that? Because for most Bible’s if you turn to the middle of the Bible, you are somewhere in Psalms.

You may be close to Psalm 95 orĀ in some Bibles you will be at the beginning of Psalm 119, the longest chapter of any book in the Bible. I don’t say that meaning that it is hard to deal with, that particular Psalm has a lot of wisdom in it from the beginning to the end. Many people, especially today, discount the Bible as a book that has any meaning for today. They don’t think that it has any true or honest advice for anyone today, not in the 21st century.

A bad day can be depressing, or one in which you have a pink slip handed to you, or you have had a bad wreck and totaled your car and you or someone you love is in serious condition in the hospital. Many things can cause a bad day. Sometimes, you can just get out of bed, as my grandmother used to say, “on the wrong side” and your day may not get any better after that.

We need to get out of those “bad day attitudes”, God can bring you through it and give you strength enough to be the one that prays their way through a bad day. Don’t allow it to take over your day, put God in charge of your day from the beginning. Read Psalm 119, it will bring you out of a bad day. You can read the first twenty verses or so or you can read the whole thing during the day, but I can guarantee you won’t feel bad when you finish it!


Hello, its been awhile

Life has a way of placing things in your way to keep you from keeping up with things sometimes. Like this blog. I haven’t been here recently, as you may have noticed.

I have been busy with diagnostic tests and all of the stuff that goes along with them. I won’t have to do it again for five years, thank God!

I won’t go into the details but I think you can guess what went on so I will just leave out the gory details. Anyway, life really can throw you for a loop sometimes no matter who you are or whether you are a Christian or not. I will not get “preachy” any more than usual today. Truly, we should thank God for all of our blessings every day. Many of them we don’t realize are true blessings, such as being able to get up and go to the restroom or to be able to walk at all. For many people in the world, they can wake up but they can’t get up to go to the bathroom or to the table to eat breakfast.

So, just waking up this morning is a blessing, drinking your coffee is a blessing, looking at the newspaper or television news (as depressing as that sounds) is a blessing sometimes. Just being able to breathe and get around at all is a blessing. All of these, or at least many of them, we take for granted. We think that tomorrow will always be there, but we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. If you are awake, then today is the day of salvation. Preferably, right now.

See, God gives you your breath and even though it is something that we don’t have to tell ourselves to do, it is still a gift from Him. Every action that we take, from getting up and putting our clothes on to fixing the coffee, is a gift from God. Your children are gifts from Him to you and it doesn’t matter how much they are troublesome or hyperactive, they are still His gift to you so that you can learn from the experience. Some of us don’t like the “learning curve” that raising a child is, but if you put God first in your life and allow Him to direct your actions daily, life itself isn’t really that bad.

Yes, there will be days when you just want to kill yourself and others too, but seek Him out during those trying times and His Wisdom will help you to calm down. I know, most of us have been taught that we should be self-sufficient and able to handle any situation. But, when reality sets in and you realize that self-sufficiency isn’t all that it is “cracked up” to be, the only One Who can truly help is available to you, if you will give your life to Him and ask for His strength and His wisdom in your time of need. It doesn’t matter if you need Him to help you find your wallet or your keys or to make a decision on a new home or car, God cares about you and wants to be in your life.

He is a triune God, even though many religions don’t recognize Him as such. When Jesus was baptized, all three of God’s manifestations were present. The Son, the Holy Spirit that looked like a dove and God the Father who said, “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.” It is true that the Bible doesn’t relate to the three as the same, but in Genesis God said, “Let us make man in our image”. Proper English translation is that He was referring to the three of them. Jesus told His disciples, unless I go back to my Father, the Helper (Holy Spirit) can’t come. God is the only Creator, but He is in three Persons and able to be in more than one place at a time.

God loves all of mankind, He just doesn’t love the sinful ways that we live our lives. Think on this and please attend a Bible teaching church while we are still here to make the choice of allowing Him into our lives so others can see Him in us.

Love, life, and living

Something which we all do every day in some form or another but how do you really live everyday? Do you depend upon your own strength and your own version of “values”? Some of us were brought up knowing right from wrong, but it seems that today many don’t care which one they choose. Many seem to be just “following the crowd”, regardless of what the crowd may be doing. It might be looting a town, burning businesses and cars, throwing bottles at police, and participating in a group which is generally unhappy about something.

It seems that there is no individual happiness and cooperation in our cities and towns any more. Life is whatever you decide is necessary to get by with and if breaking the law is part of the equation, whether it is God’s law or man’s laws, then that is what is usually done. Mostly without regard to the life and property of others as long as you get your part of the loot, it doesn’t seem to matter what happens to those around you.

Life is more than this anger infested challenge to all law enforcers as we have been seeing all over the world and more here in America lately. There is one universal Truth in all of this that holds true for all religions and ethnic cultures…you can’t kill someone, you won’t kill someone if you feel genuine love for that person. I am not speaking of romantic love, I am speaking about the love that comes from God. Not Allah, not Krishna, not Buddha or any of the other religions out there.

The problem that has arisen in the past century is that many people are tired of being told and shown the correct path to follow, so they either choose one that feels good to them or they create a religion which they can mould and fit to their own life and values. The very aspect of a religion fitting your values and choices proves that it is a false religion. Sure, you may feel better about yourself and you may cause others to feel good while worshipping in this fashion. You can even find scriptures which can be used out of context which will make many people think that your religion is part of the Christian group of religions, but if you really tested it against the teachings that Jesus and His disciples taught and wrote in the New Testament you will find that it is just hot air and nothing more.

Becoming angry about someone showing you this won’t change the fact that leading others in this direction will take you down a wide path which leads to hell itself. God never intended for us to get onto a path such as that, but when pride rules your heart and makes you believe that your way is right and everyone else’s way is wrong, that is the direction that you will take. Satan enjoys creating new religions and he has become an expert at it. He will appear to someone in a dream as an angel from God to give them a “revelation” and that they have been chosen to be a “prophet” for God while leading people in this “new” religion or way of thinking.

Many people are convinced that their way, whichever way that might be, is right. The apostle Paul was one of these and he was convinced that these “Way people”, as he called them, were a problem and that they needed to be destroyed or at least arrested and tried. Saul, as he was known at that time, was a very zealous for Judaism and the laws of Moses and this “sect”, as he thought of it, was trying to corrupt the Jewish people. God sent His Son to the Jewish people first in order to bring them back to Him and they refused to see that He was the Messiah. Then, God changed Saul’s heart with an encounter with Jesus so that he could take the gospel to the gentiles and he did a great job of it. So good in fact that he died as a martyr for Christ in Rome, just as Peter did.

Our lives matter to God far more than they seem to matter to us these days. Even the children who are sent but are aborted before they take their first breath, they are precious in His sight too. Seeking out God and His wisdom is not a hard thing to do, but if you want to know the True God, the Creator, the Redeemer, the Rock, then you have to look for Him and today the only place to do that is in the Bible. I preach from the Bible every week and I pray that you read it at least if you don’t attend a church which teaches it. He is good always and in all ways God is good!

So little time…

We all look at our lives as if they go on for a long, long time. But if you place your age or mine against say one thousand years or more, our lives are not long at all. So what have you done with yours? Have you made sure that every person in your life knows that you love them? Have you told those who you consider to be your friends, that you care about them? Have you done anything which will make a difference in somebody’s life in some way? Have you even thought about the impact that your life can have on others?

These are questions which all of us should think about but many of us just don’t. We don’t consider how much our lives can impact others. Some of us really don’t seem to care whether our lives have any impact on our friends or even our children, but what you say and do in front of them does have an impact. Sometimes it is for good and sometimes it isn’t, depending on what they see you doing or hear you saying, as well as how you say it.

Children especially take notice of the words that you say and how they are said. Occasionally, the words that you say have a far greater impact by the tone that is used rather than what you actually said. Also, they tend to look at how you said those words as well and most of us don’t think about this until the effect has already been made in their mind and in their being.

Truly the old saying about words not being able to hurt you is totally wrong! Yes, words can hurt and they can severely damage a person’s feelings about themselves as well as the way that they see you and maybe understand how you feel or how you don’t feel about them. Feelings can be hurt easily, people can be hurt just as easily and the damage can be severe even if you are only using words. Hurtful words, hate-filled words and actions, these are just as devastating as a bomb to people and their feelings. Particularly if those words are directed at children.

Life is hard enough without all of the anger and hate that is abundant in our world today. Much of it is being directed at people who are Christians and children hear this and they don’t understand the reason for it. It is confusing to them and it seems that nobody wants to attempt to explain why this is happening, especially today. Many are more worried about not offending some people or they are upset about a lion getting killed in Africa more than they are about the children being slaughtered in abortion clinics because a woman has a choice to have the child or not. Why not choose NOT to have sex until you are ready to be a mother? Go and have yourself sterilized if you don’t want children, instead of killing the child that you don’t want!

Yes, I have touched upon a few things in this tonight and not just one but today we can’t just have a one-sided view of life and that means that more than one evil needs to be addressed in the world and in our witness for God. God loves you and me, regardless of the sins that we commit but He hates the sins that we live in and commit in some way, day after day.

Jesus came into the world so that we could be pardoned from those sins and be able to stand in front of a Holy God with the righteousness of Jesus covering us rather than our sins being out in the open. God can’t look on our self-righteous rags because without the righteousness of Jesus, we are filthy in God’s sight.

Seek Him in the Bible and ask Him to come into your heart and cleanse you so that your name will be in the book of Life because that is the ONLY way that you can gain entrance into Heaven. Money, power, fame, jihad, none of these will get you into Heaven, depending upon them will guarantee your entrance into hell.