What is happening in our country?

Has anyone noticed? Does anyone in America care about what is happening here? I am not blasting equality between gays or straight people or between the so-called “races”. What I am talking about is that we are losing our freedom in the very country that has been the light of the world as far as freedom was concerned. Now, one by one we are beginning to lose our freedoms a little bit at a time and it seems that nobody is noticing. This is something that has been foretold, whether you believe it or not. This is the part of time where things are getting worse, from the wars and problems and real troubles and it is happening right now!

People seem to not pay attention to the Bible and the parts of it which prophesied about this time and I don’t understand it. Likely it is because there are so many people don’t believe in God let alone the Bible which is His Word! This blog is about living well and successful and God wants you to be that way and being the person that He wants you to be is the best way to do it! Every part of your life, good or bad, regardless of how bad your life is or was, it can be far better with Jesus in it!

I have told my congregation before about this very thing, but it is so much more than that. People think that Christians and going to church is the way to go but it’s not. Yes being a Christian is great because you are in a relationship with Jesus, the Son of God! Thinking that you are a Christian because you went to church or because you go to church and you look the part, that doesn’t work at all! Going to church or to a Temple or some other worship house is not the answer at all! That building is not going to fix anything with your soul, only a relationship with Jesus Christ can do that!

The relationship which you have to decide to get into if you feel the call of the Spirit is the only real fix for the problems which we all have. It is true that you aren’t required to make a commitment to Christ, it isn’t mandatory and nobody is going to take your head with a sword if you don’t. But…if you choose not to do it, then your life won’t change to become the life that God knows you can have, the life that you should have in Jesus. Having a relationship with Him is the cure for many of our problems in this world, not the courts, not the government, not the drugs and alcohol that many people turn to when their lives are messed up. The cure for our problems and the hope of our future is in Jesus Christ and no other!

What do you do?

I have been asked this many times in my life by people wanting to know about my profession or my preferred job interests. It has always been a bit hard to answer because I have done so many different jobs in the past thirty-five years or so. I am not going to go through the list here, but it is safe to say that I have had at least a dozen, maybe a few more, different jobs in that length of time. Some of them I enjoyed, and some I just tolerated until something else came along. Many people, it seems, have done the same because nobody stays in a job more than a few years unless they found a perfect match to begin with and just stuck with it.

The thing is that “what you do” is not who you really are, particularly on the inside. Sometimes the job that you find yourself doing is one that you have to do, not one that you want to do…and there is a BIG difference between those two. Many people it seems, especially in our economy today, HAVE to take a job that they didn’t study for but it will pay the bills for a time.

I went to college to get a job in the medical field because I thought it would be a stable job and one that, hopefully, I could retire from one day. WRONG! Internal politics and whether you are liked by the right people has a lot to do with how long your job lasts, whether it is a stable and necessary job or not. If you are curious about what job I studied for, it was Medical Technology (a fancy sounding term for a lab technician).

Later, when I was told that I needed to find something else to do, I began doing something that I liked doing…working on computers. I once told my boss’s wife that I would do it for free but that doesn’t pay many bills. I still do it occasionally, but most people just go and buy a new laptop when their desktop quits now. That is the difference between doing something that you HAVE to do and something that you WANT to do and LIKE doing.

That is why I enjoy writing here, because I get to tell people about my Savior and that He wants to be your Savior too. Jesus loves you far more than you can imagine and it can make a HUGE difference in your life, not only here but into eternity. Especially into eternity! Why do I say it that way? Because Satan is telling people that they have all the time in the world to make that decision, an in reality we don’t.

Just as the rich man who said that he was going to build some bigger barns to hold his stock and then retire and take it easy. That very night God said, “Thou fool, your soul is required tonight.” He didn’t know and had thought that he had time to get his life straight, that is not the case for many of us. Some of us can because of disease, but you really aren’t given your next sunrise! Seek God and His righteousness now while there is time, ask Him to come into your life and make it whole.

If your life ends tonight or tomorrow and you haven’t made that decision, then your time is up. You will be standing before God when He asks you, “What did you do with my Son?” What kind of answer will you give? Think about it.

Are you waiting for something?

waitingSo many of us are waiting for the right job or the right spouse. Some are waiting for their so-called “ship” to come in or even for God to answer a prayer that they have prayed many times. Why does God make us wait? I don’t have a reason for you except that He is God. He knows what is coming and what is best for you. What you have prayed for may be the best for you but not at this time. It also may be something that you have asked for that is not the best for you, which is why you are waiting.

We have so much instant things in life today. Drive through at many restaurants, microwave popcorn, cell phones which let us have instant communication almost anywhere. It seems that we have lost our ability to wait for much, which means that our patience is not in abundance today.


Your voice or His?

Many people seem to be struggling to find their voice or their purpose in life and many have been looking for a long time. The problem with this is just as this quote says, “the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all.” The same is true with your true purpose in this life and that is likely what people img_2026are chasing after so much. Many of them have no clue what their real purpose in life should be. They find something that they are good at doing, and they think that is what it is. They will do it for many years sometimes before they find that it has no happiness in it, no fulfilment to their lives. Then what do they do? Many people start searching again for something, yet they still don’t know what they are looking for because they feel lost and empty again.

What will you do? Will you express your life through your own voice or by listening to His Voice? God is the One that fills that spot inside you which feels empty and hollow when you are searching. Some people find Him early in their life and that place is filled, but they wander away from Him and lose sight of His Words and wisdom. The only cure for this is to stop, listen for His Voice and ask Him to help you get back to the right place. If you have never known Jesus or God, then you may be searching for Him and just don’t realize it. You are looking for something that satisfies, something which fills that empty space and gives you peace, and Jesus is the only One Who can do that!

The problem that many people face is that God’s Voice is small and not very loud, but if you have ever listened to Him and asked Him into your life then you can hear it. If you haven’t, then you are in need of Him whether you know it or not. Your life will be different from the way it is now, when you accept Jesus as your Savior, but it won’t be so different that you won’t recognize it. It will be different enough that your friends will know something has changed. They might not be able to point it out, but they will notice that you seem…well, different.

You may not talk the way you did before, some of your habits and little things that you normally do have become different. How different? That depends on you and your relationship to your Savior. It also depends on how your life was before He came into your life. You will pray more and seek Him in His Word, hopefully on a daily basis so you can get to know Him better.

If, like some people, you don’t want to know Jesus and really don’t care to know Him. Thank you for reading this far. I hope that you find comfort in your life and family, but I will be praying for you anyway. Why? Because He loved you enough to die for your sins and pay the price for you, all that is required of you is to ask Him to save you and believe that He did!

Quotes, from who?

I have noticed that some blogs include “inspirational quotes” from people from all walks of life. While this is nice and commendable, our lives can’t be based upon the words and thoughts of other people. Inspiration which comes from people who are just as flawed and helpless in many situations as we are really doesn’t help much, unless they are pointing us toward the One Who can help in all situations.

People just like us. Sure, the writings which I put up on the web are from me, but most of the wisdom that I have, came from God’s Word, not from my own thoughts. It seems odd to me that we will listen to every speaker, every writer in the world spouting all sorts of “wisdom” about things which many of them don’t have a clue about.

Many of their words actually come from other self-help books or articles which they have read, and then they re-word them into their “wisdom” to be repackaged and sold to others. What good is being done with that?

Many times when I have been drawn to a self-help book, it was to find out what some person thought of a particular situation. When I read it though, what I find most often is wisdom from the Bible that has been humanized and homogenized to the point of being looked at as the “writer’s” words instead of God’s. Mostly, the words from these books have been changed or filtered through the publishers so that they are acceptable to a majority of people, in other words they are politically correct for our time and as inoffensive as possible.

Quotes from the Word of God are offensive because they point out our weaknesses and our pride in ourselves. The Bible shows us where we fall short of being perfect.

No, we can’t be perfect in our lives nor is there anyone in the world without any blemishes or spots in their character or their physical body but through living our lives as Jesus did and seeking Him and His wisdom out in the Bible we can be as perfect in character as we can be. The wisdom and knowledge found in God’s Word is far more valuable than much of the education that you can find in schools these days, but many are rejecting it because of its offensive message. Even though it is not offensive to Christians or to the Jews, the Bible has many things to say about our current world and it is that which offends many today.

Quotes from famous people like C.S. Lewis or Mark Twain are great up to a point but God has more wisdom about us and our lives than either of these literary giants. Much of what Mr. Lewis wrote about was specifically about becoming a Christian. He began his career as an atheist and yet, in trying to refute much of the wisdom in the Bible he became a believer. Many other famous writers have become believers because of their attempt at refuting God’s Word or trying to prove that He doesn’t exist.

There is more proof in a thimble of pond water that God does exist than what would prove evolution.

Many in our culture today try their best at bringing our personal work or our efforts into the equation of salvation. They really are trying to humanize it, and yet Jesus said “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.”
(John 15:5)

There truly is nothing which we can add to salvation which is already perfected in Christ. All that we would be doing is mucking it up and failing miserably in our calling which is trying to show people Who our Savior is! Live your life and your salvation in accordance with Him, attach yourself to Him as the Vine. Seek Him out in all that you do every day, in doing this you will find peace and eternal life.

Consider this and seek Him daily!

Living successfully by faith

Successful living can be done by many, in many ways. Learning and pursuing a lucrative position or skill can help you to live successfully by the world’s standards. You can have money, fame, fortune, mansions, and cars…all of the trappings of a successful life. Have you ever wondered why so many “successful” people have to go to drug rehabilitation programs? Why do many have to go through programs to help them to beat their addiction to alcohol too?

If you were to ask them their reasons for these addictions, there would be only one reason given and that is because they felt that something was missing in their life. There was an empty feeling, even with everything that they have. Why do you think that might be?

The reason is simple, if you look for it in the right place. It can’t be found in a bar or in a bottle of pills or alcohol which is why those things never satisfy. Seeking satisfaction in money will only bring stress and heart trouble and possibly ulcers. Seeking to satisfy your craving to fill that empty space with lovers or drugs will only end in your death. Two things which are never satisfied, or maybe three: death, hell and the grave. Not one of these is ever full enough to cry out, “Enough!”.

A successful life can be lived happily and humbly by seeking God in the Bible. Learning about Him through study and prayer and seeking out His Son, Jesus by faith. This is the only path that will give you true satisfaction and peace in your life. No other way exists which will lead you in that direction, certainly nothing made by man can do it. No amount of money can buy a key which will open the gates of Heaven, only the acceptance of the grace offered to us through Jesus by God will do that.

Yes, this post is about your salvation because God loves you. Whether you are successful in this life and by the world’s standard or not, He loves you. You can do for His Kingdom something which nobody else can do and He will show you that path to eternal success. The success which I speak of doesn’t end with this life because our life is only a puff of smoke compared to eternity!

Consider the dot (.) that you see there. Then stretch a line from it all the way to the other side of our solar system. That dot or period as it is called represents your life in its entirety, that line which stretches for nearly nine billion miles represents only a fraction of eternity! Why would you want to concern yourself with such a tiny part of your existence when there is so much more ahead of you?

If you live your life chasing rainbows and never find the time or a reason to give Jesus a place in your heart, then your eternity will be very different. It will be spent totally isolated from God and His love, in a darkness so complete that it will be painful and agonising. Yet you will have eternity to think about the times that you heard His message and maybe even felt moved to accept it…but you didn’t.  Why? It would’ve been so easy to make that decision, so simple even a child can do it and yet many people just don’t.

Some today are being called by Jesus just as Saul was on the Damascus road and they are answering that call. It will put their lives in danger, but they are doing it anyway. Why? Because, Jesus is the answer that everyone is looking for! They just don’t know it yet.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in Heaven.

Christian apology for what?

You know, the last few days I have seen more words and photos of Caitlyn Jenner than I care to. But, why should any Christian apologize for anything said about “her”? Many people say that we are too bigoted to voice our opinions on matters like trans-gender people and their proclivities.

It is not my way to tell you that she/he is living in sin, although God looks at it that way. Why? Because He made Bruce Jenner as a MAN, and honestly if you can’t handle the way you are when you are born with it then go to a monastery or something! When Bruce/Caitlyn dies one day, guess which one is going to be standing in front of God? Bruce will stand before God,  because that is how he was sent to Earth by God, as a man. This creation or whatever you call it that is on the cover of magazines and TV, is man-made and will not last.

I know that some of you may go along with this and agree with what is happening today. But, God doesn’t. He loves Bruce just as he was and as he is, but the changes that the world can see are just sophisticated make-up and chemicals and maybe some surgical procedures mixed in.

How about if you went to a dealer and bought a Ferrari one day, all customized just the way that you wanted. Before it was delivered to you, they changed it into a Ford (on the outside), with the engine and everything of a Ferrari, how would you feel? Would you want your money back? It is still a Ferrari, but it doesn’t look like one.

The same is true when we think that we are or want to be something different. If I wanted some DNA from a leopard so I could have spots and fur, today technically it is possible to do that. But, what are you after the procedure? Are you human, leopard, hybrid? Taking enough hormones to make a male to female transformation is fine, in theory, but what happens when the medication doesn’t work anymore? If you get cancer because of it, can you reverse it? How would the treatment for cancer affect your transformation?

Much of our genetically modified organisms in the grocery market have been approved for human consumption, but what does that modification do to those who eat it later in their lives? What about all of the GMO corn or wheat or soy beans which have been planted in the world? What kind of damage will they inflict on us? Has anyone even tested this at all? At an independent lab that is not controlled by the chemical or seed company?

All of these changes, chemical, biological, or cosmetic in some ways are OK, but what about the long-term effects? What about the effect that it can have on our society as a whole? These are the questions that should be asked and answered before the procedures and the changes are done not as an afterthought later when the problems arise.

Should Christians apologize for comments made about Bruce Jenner’s transformation? That depends upon the comments. If they were hurtful and mean, then yes they should apologize. If they were pointing out how God would look on this and how it would be viewed from that standpoint then they don’t owe an apology to anyone. God’s viewpoint on things like this, even though it isn’t lined out in Scripture, would be that it shouldn’t be done. How do I know this?

Because God made us male and female for a reason, how you feel about your gender doesn’t and shouldn’t have any bearing on your life. Seek out God’s point of view by reading His Word and prayer and meditation. God doesn’t like sinful decisions whether they are concerning a lifestyle or a feeling that your body should have been another sex entirely. He created you the way that you are, the way that you were born to be.

Principles for living well

1. Live by and believe in the Ten Commandments
2. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
3. Don’t ask for or depend on hand-outs when a hand-up is more useful.
4. Read and study your Bible. Our country was founded upon its principles, so they should be good enough for you too.
5. Ask forgiveness for ANY wrong action or word, especially those said or committed in anger.

I did not learn these by reading comic books or playing video games. I learned these from the Bible and from living my life according to its principles.

I can hear some of you saying, “he thinks he’s better than us”, NO that is not how I feel! These are principles which our country was founded upon, whether you have learned it in history class or not. If we don’t turn back to life and living this way, our country is doomed. It won’t be our culture that dies and fades away, it will be America and its ideals that will fade to nothing!

Yes, you have the right to believe what you will in America, or not to believe in anything. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to push your ways and ideas on everyone else. I will be accused of doing just that when people read this, but if you don’t like what I say then you can go somewhere else on the Internet after all it is a free country…for now.

If you like what I have written here, then I thank you for stopping by. I mean that sincerely and please look around a bit if you wish. One of my other sites is The Living Message if you want to read some more about God’s principles.

Thank you for dropping by and I pray that the rest of your year will be GREAT!