Life in our country…..

As we have come to know about our country, it is very different from the history that we learned in school. Our history has changed a good bit in the past few years, depending on how long it has been since you were in school.

The problem with our history is that it has been altered to reflect view points from one side of a story or another. So our lives and the way that we conduct ourselves during our life have been skewed in one direction or another, depending upon when you went to school. Your parents or grandparents were taught a totally different version of our history, and unless you happen to have access to an old history book you may not know the real difference.

The reason for the “history” lesson for this site is that our business lives are influenced by the history that we have learned and by our own cultural history. The reason that I call it cultural history is that our country is covered with many different cultures from all over the world. Even our political parties could be considered “cultures” of their own because of the different viewpoints that they have and the agendas which go along with those viewpoints.

How can we, as businessmen and women, get around cultural differences in our everyday business lives? That is the trick isn’t it? To be able to get around the differences that we all have because of race, culture, or nationality is hard for politicians let alone business owners, so can it be done and how? There are many people who would like to have the secret to this, but I don’t claim to have the secret because it really isn’t a secret at all.

It is something which our cultures have been struggling with for hundreds of years, not just in this country but all over the world. Culturally we are different even between states in the same country and also between those that live in poverty stricken areas and those that have more access to success whether through inheritance or privilege. Some who are more driven may rise from poverty and become successful, but the depressing conditions of life can be a blockade to this as well. So, again, what is the secret to a life of success?

Read and study the book on success and successful living! The Bible! I can hear the moans and groans of all of you now. “Why would I want to do that!” “I am not a Christian, I am ________ (insert religion), but I am also a business person. How can that book possibly help me?!!”

Culturally we are all the same in only one area of life, and that is our religion. Religion itself won’t change your life, nor will it grant you access to Heaven. The religious texts of Islam or Judaism don’t have much to say about life’s struggles or the practices of business (I have read through them trying to find these). The Bible, however, does have many references to the practice of business, whether it is farming or wine making. You do not have to be a Christian to read the Word of God and implement the principles of business contained in it.

It is true that the practice of religion does vary between cultures and countries, but the religions themselves really don’t vary much at all. All of them are pointing us to some place or Someone who is higher than we are, with a higher moral purpose and they give us a standard to strive for as well. So, why can’t we use and learn from them in order to conduct our businesses within the same standards? I am not saying that you have to convert to Christianity in order to be in business, but at least read through the book of  Proverbs which has many suggestions and ideas which pertain to the practice of being in business. Many of them also translate toward life issues as well. If that is the only book that you read and study from the Bible, it is enough.

Think about it.