In our world today….

What can we do to stop the violence? Is there any possible way that our country, our world can avoid another civil war? This time it won’t be over slavery, although I don’t know what it will be about unless it is centered on or around race and culture and the differences between us!

What HAPPENED? I had hoped that our country would be moving away from the race riots and tear gas and the gas bombs that I watched in the late sixties and early seventies! We are almost fifty years past all of that and it seems that people who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King are rubbing salt into the wound again. Why? What good is this going to do? Would he go along with this if he were here? I really don’t think so.

Yes, I know, I am a cracker and I don’t understand your culture any more than you can understand mine. My great-grandfather was a Native American, my great, great-grandmother was also a Native American. They were here long before any plantations began, so historically I can claim some knowledge of injustice.

But, I am not going to drag it from the 1800’s into today! It was cruel what our ancestors did to the Native American people who were here first. It was cruel and inhumane what many did to those slaves which were sold by Muslim traders into slavery, but starting a war over something which happened two hundred years ago or more DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

Yes, I do get a bit up on a soap-box sometimes, but we are approaching the end of the Church age if you haven’t noticed! There are things which are about to happen, very likely in our lifetimes, that will make life very hard for a while. If you haven’t given your heart to Jesus, then you need to do so. Because when He comes back, there won’t be anyone contacting the President’s office to get permission to do things, Jesus will do it, period!

Before He begins His reign though, there will be seven years of what could be termed “hell on Earth” and those are the years that nobody will enjoy at all. Some may think that they will but, in the end it will not turn out good for very many at all. Remember, the Bible tells about this time and Jesus wins, Christians win right along with Him and so do the Jews who come to know Him as the Messiah! The plagues and other judgements that will be endured during the time before He sets foot on the Mount of Olives, will cause many to either turn to Jesus and ask for His forgiveness or they will curse Him to His face.

Then as now, there is no dividing line between love and hate nor is there a middle ground between belief or disbelief. You can’t have it both ways, you either believe or not and you will either love Jesus or hate Him. The world today, hates Him already as many people in America do. They will tell the media that they don’t hate Jesus or Jews, but they don’t believe in God or Jesus or any other religion. When you take that position, you are on the side with Satan whether you believe in him or not.

Culture wars, race war, civil war are all names for a war which has no real meaning and there is no good outcome for it either. The kind of war that is brought about by agitators, those who just want to start something and then sit back and see how it all falls out, never turns out well at all. Look at Vietnam. See how it turned out?

We, as a nation, need to have a real sit-down with Jesus. Come into the church and learn about Him, and truly have a revival in our land. If we don’t do that in the next few years, I really don’t see America lasting until the next century comes around. Consider this and pray about it. If you belong to a church, bring it up in the next meeting and try to get a movement back toward God started. One step, then another, and another and another…that is how a trip or a destination is reached and we need to reach out to God in faith and love before it is truly too late.

Politically Correct

The fringes of our society, whether it is religious beliefs regardless of the religion, Christians, atheists, and the media too have been doing this for a very long time and that is pushing political correctness. By correctness I mean that you cannot offend ANYONE and this has been taken and is being taken to a point of shackling people in the way that they interact with each other in any and every way! Why is this happening?

Everyone has a personal opinion on every subject, regardless of its religious meaning or not, and yet in our society today if you hurt the feelings of just one half of one percent of the people in America, then you are wrong! You are mean and bigoted and cruel! Why are we being this way? At first it was being politically correct about race and sometimes religion, now it seems that every belief or nationality or lifestyle falls under this “PC” umbrella.

Nobody can say anything negative about anything, unless you are a comedian then you can do whatever you wish or say whatever you wish and nobody will get really upset about it. But, if you happen to be a Christian and you say something which refers to your faith or your beliefs, then EVERYONE is ready to hang you on a cross for whatever you said! As long as your faith is something other than Christianity, then you can say whatever you please and it will not offend anyone.

Why is it that any time someone claims to be a Christian, every word and gesture and every belief that comes from them is scrutinized to the nth degree? It doesn’t matter if they own a business or not, but if they do then that business is very likely to be boycotted or sued because of the beliefs of the owners, especially if they take a true stand for their beliefs. If they are Jewish and don’t open their business on Saturday, the traditional Sabbath for their faith, nobody notices.

If they happen to be traditional Muslims, and they own a restaurant, no one says a word about the absence of bacon or pork dishes.

Political correctness has gone and is going too far in our country, but the only group of people who seems to be targeted is the Christian faith and their beliefs. As long as you are not a fanatical (believing) Christian, one who actually believes what your faith teaches, then very few people will say anything to you. If you only go to church once or twice a month or even just on holidays and you don’t tell anyone that you are a Christian, then nobody will say a word to you about your faith.

Freedom, self-determination, choices = ?

In our history books, especially the ones taught from today, United States history is entirely different from what really happened. So, how did we get to the point of being a nation which is hated and despised in the world and at home? Why are we hated and despised at home and abroad? Are the people who hate us at home the same as the people who hate us in other countries? Maybe not ethnically or ideologically but philosophically, yes they are.

Our country, America, was founded on principles which come from God’s Word and that is one of the main reasons that many people around the world hate us. Not because we have a capitalist form of living and livelihood, but because of our faith in Jesus mostly. If this country had been founded by people who wanted to create the largest Muslim nation in the world, there would be no problem. It is our faith in God and His Son, Jesus which sets us and our nation at odds with every nation in the world except for Israel.

God ordained their existence and the land that they live in to be theirs and for them to be the people and the culture that they are and have been for about four thousand years! Our country was founded by people who were escaping religious persecution from their country to start a new life in a new country. Yes, there have been people in this country and others who have exploited people, both white and non-white, for different reasons. Some have even used the Bible to justify their actions and make themselves feel better while doing it.

But…America has also been an ideal, an idea that many people aspire toward, a standard to strive for, just as living up to the standard of Jesus’ life is something which most Christians try to live up to. Granted, we can’t live lives that are perfectly sinless but we can strive toward that goal so that  others can see us trying to do it.

Yes, America has stumbled and made some mistakes as a country, Christians stumble and fall too but we all have to get up and keep going…keep trying to do better, be better than our parents were. Is it possible? Yes, as long as we don’t push God completely out of our lives or out of our country!

The ideals that made this country great are not dead and the idea of America being a great country is not dead yet. Just as being a Christian is not an easy task nor a simple one, being an American is a choice as well. Working to make this country and our own lives better is something that we all should and need to do. Seeking the strength that we get from our relationship with Jesus is the way to be a Christian, one that is at least striving to be more like Jesus instead of tearing down the ideal, the idea of Jesus and Who He is.

Get into God’s Word and study it, read it, learn from it, because if we don’t do at least what the early Americans did by using His Wisdom in our lives and in our country’s government, then we might just need to open our borders, disband the military and all of the government offices and just shut down the government entirely. What will we have then? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to live here any more.

Regarding your success….

There are many things in life that can side-track our walk. Your walk and mine, we believe is toward a successful life with all of the connotations and rewards that go along with it. We want the money, the house and car that show that we are successful, some of us want a family to share the success and the excesses which come with it. All of this is normal, every person wants a life of meaning and purpose deep down, whether they admit it or not. But..can you arrive at your success and enjoy its rewards? Or do you become anxious about losing that which you think that you have gained?

Anxiety, fear, worry, doubt are all emotions which come as a result of not realizing the place and person that has rewarded you with your success. Isn’t it me, you may ask? Your hard work and education may have a factor in your successful life but are you being a good steward of that success? Are you using it to be like the rest of the world, just getting more stuff so you can win the race (the one with the most stuff wins!). Do you realize how many people wake up hungry and afraid every day? There are people like that in America and in many so-called developed countries.

I know that many who may read this will think, “So what, that is their problem not mine.” Is it really? What would happen if your success was taken away from you? If every dollar was worthless and your stuff is taken away because you can’t pay for it, what condition would you be in?

Success is relative to what you do with what you have, regardless of how much you may have.

We cannot and must not be selfish enough to think that our success has been given to us only for our reward. It is given to us, not by our individual strength or will, though many think that it is, by God Himself. Success in life, no matter what business that you may be in, is given as a reward to each of us so that we can be a blessing to someone else.

Whether that someone else is in your family or not it doesn’t matter, the point is that each person’s success is given to them by God so that you and I can be more successful at giving. Because when you give away that which was given to you, the value derived from it is far greater than the value that it had when you became the possessor of it. As life itself has meaning and purpose bound up in it, so does your success.

The meaning that we each have to grasp in regard to our success in life, regardless of the business that we may be in, is that your life and mine are temporary and so is the success that we may have. So, what will you do with what you have so that it lives on past its usefulness to you?

Living well in spite of slavery that still exists!

Many people seem to desire wealth and lots of it. Mainly because it can get you nearly anything that you desire. Depending on how much your desires cost and how much wealth you have, of course, you can truly have almost anything that is available for sale in the world. The really sad and cruel part of this story is that even today, slavery is still prevalent in the world. I know that many will say that it isn’t in the so-called developed countries, but it is. It is hidden behind facades that disguise it so that it doesn’t look like slavery or it is hidden from view altogether, but it is there.

The sad part about this is that we don’t have to have slavery at all. It wasn’t needed even when it was “popular” in developed nations of over a century ago, but it existed because evil existed in their hearts. I say, evil because not only did they treat people as property, to be bought and sold and used as they saw fit, but they also used and quoted scripture out of context to justify do it.

My title is “Living well because **** “, and I know that slavery has nothing to do with living well, but (there’s that word again) people can change and many countries and cultures which used slaves have changed. Yet, slavery still exists. Today, the slave trade is in children and women and men for sex slaves, which to me is even worse than in previous times. I know about the use of slaves as mistresses, but today’s slaves are used by perverted, cruel people (men mostly) who care nothing for their slaves except for how they can used them and abuse them.

Living well in today’s society means finding these people and exposing them or rescuing the slaves that have been taken, against their will, into this life. They did not want it, but they were placed in bondage and all that we see in the news is that some girl or boy child is missing.

Nobody knows where they went or what happened and for many, there will never be any news about recovery or rescue. Everyone will forget about their story and move on after a week or so and they will be forgotten, even today with all of the ways to communicate. What has happened to our society and the people in it that causes us to forget about people and news that are truly valuable as soon as the news is over?

Why don’t we care about each other in the way that Christ wanted us to? Why can’t we at least try to be like Him in our everyday life? Is life that crappy? Is it really that bad to be like Jesus? Yes, in a world where slavery still exists, life is crappy but living for Jesus and like Him makes a HUGE difference in your life and in the lives of those around you! People will see the change in you and in your character and your work ethic. Everything in your life will be changed for the better because of Him. God loves you and He always has!

The subject of this essay, post, or whatever you want to call it is a subject that people don’t want to talk about. Because it is supposed to be in our past and not present in modern times, but it is! The slavery that is present now is more demeaning and cruel than that of over a century ago. Why? Because it mostly involves children being kidnapped and forced into a life of being sex slaves and they end up addicted to drugs just so they don’t feel or care what is being done to them! Yes, the slavery that was perpetrated in America was a crime against humanity, because we are all made in God‘s image regardless of our skin color. But, what is being done by these perverts is worse because it is being done by grown men mostly with young boys and girls, some as young as eight!

I know that I have been writing upbeat articles about how to live and be successful in life, but this needs to come to the attention of many more people than just someone like me and those who read this. If you will forward this to someone who might bring attention to this outrage before it really gets out of hand in our world.

Living successfully in an upside-down world

In the world today many people are living from paycheck to paycheck if they have one. The question is “Do you live for working or do you work for a living?”

Many people would likely say that it is the same thing. I however don’t think so. For example, do you get up in the morning looking forward to getting to work so that you can accomplish as much as you can today because today is a beautiful day? Or, do you get up feeling tired before getting out of bed, and you are almost hating the drive to work let alone the day ahead?

The first example/question would be someone who lives for working because they are doing something that they love to do and they enjoy doing it. It is not a chore or a bore and it is fulfilling to them. The second is a person who is working for a living wage in order to pay bills and nothing more. Their job is not fulfilling and not something that they truly enjoy, instead it is a job that they are qualified to do and they can do it well enough to get paid for it, period.

Which would you rather have? Something that is a joy to do and that you actually get paid for or something that you have to do because you have bills to pay? Most people would choose the first of those, but how hard is it to find such a job? Does a job like this exist for every person out there?  The answer may surprise you.

I will post back tomorrow with more on this. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment or two.