Pain causes suffering

How can you do this to me?! These are the words that people think when they are hurt by someone who they care about or love, but it happens. We hurt each other in many ways, sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes it is intentional but most of the time we hurt each other with words…careless words which cut and bruise deeply and the effect stays with you for a long, long time.

What can you do when the pain is caused by someone who is an addict? Whether it is drugs, prescription or otherwise, or even alcohol it is still an addiction. Yet, the words or actions that they can inflict on families and friends is permanent. Words can hurt you, regardless of what the rhyme says about sticks and stones. Depending upon who says them, they can leave a very lasting scar that never truly heals, no matter what has happened in the mean time.

The thing that you have to remember about addiction and pain is that they are temporary. Even though they may not feel that way at the time! And, they don’t feel temporary for sure, just as the depression and pain that comes after the high are real but they are also temporary. Why am I clinging to the fact that they are temporary? Because…life and what we have to endure in it is also temporary!

Oh, you may live to be 90 or 100, but compared to a millennia or more what is a century or less? Compared to eternity, what is a millennia…just a puff of smoke. The pain and suffering that some of us go through and experience in life doesn’t last long enough to turn toward anyone or anything except God…the True God of the Bible. Not a man-made god, but the real honest to goodness Creator of all.

The love of God toward you is more real and personal than anything that you experience from anyone on Earth, even your spouse or a good friend! He sacrificed His Son so that you can benefit from His pardon of any and all sins that you have committed. All that you have to do is accept it and believe it. No rituals, no amount of money and no special membership fees at all!

Think about it. Comment on it. Ask me questions about Jesus! He loves you more than you can realize and for no other reason except that you are here.

Do you want to live?

This is a question that is hardly asked of us in our daily lives. It is one you hear occasionally in movies, which makes it mildly entertaining. What does “life” mean to you? What does “living” mean to you?

Life and living should have the same meaning in our lives every day. But, exactly what kind of life should we all have? The kind that super-star athletes live? The kind that celebrities have with money and fame and all that goes with them? Absolutely not!!

I don’t want a life with all of the problems that fame and that kind of “fortune” brings into your home and your life. Yes, I would like to have a little more money than I have today, but if I were to win a lottery or something like that…I would give most of it away. I would pay bills, build a house with no payments and take care of my aging father in law, but beyond that I would not spend and buy my way into being broke again. I would just give most of the money to worthy causes and to my church.

Living is a process that we all go through. How we live is a reflection of our character. It is that which defines us and makes us who we are. Things and money and houses and cars don’t add anything to your life except stress and more stress. Some of it may bring you a bit of prestige in someone’s viewpoint, but once the money is gone…what then?

Living involves much more than many of us admit to knowing, let alone doing. Living with an eternal goal in mind is real living! This life here will be over far sooner than many people realize and at that point, there won’t be any way of getting back any of what you have lost. The things that you have said or done can’t be undone or unsaid. Just as these words on the Internet are here to stay unless someone creates a worm or program of some kind which wipes out certain undesirable content, the words and actions in your life can’t be fixed just because you want to.

So, how can we live with eternity in mind? By looking forward to a reward which will come when this fleshly shell dies away to reveal the eternal, immortal soul within that will carry on. What reward will your soul receive? Will it be one which welcomes you with love into a life prepared for you in God’s presence? Or, will you refuse the gift which He prepared and offered to you during your life only to be pushed away until next time, until your heart has grown so hard and cold that He isn’t heard from again in your lifetime? Your good deeds, if any, will not help. Neither will sitting in church, refusing to go and ask forgiveness but believing that you are doing your part and God would surely let you in.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savior and asked His forgiveness for those sins which kept you away from church and from Him, then nothing has changed. You are still a sinner and one who is unrepentant in their sins, thinking themselves to be holy and good but only to the point that the teachers of Jesus’ time were. Clinging to their “law of Moses” and their favored status as God’s chosen people, and yet denying that their Messiah had come to offer them forgiveness and salvation. Dead “life” is what they had, the same as what exists in the church today. Many sit in the pews today all across the world, thinking that they are right with God and that nothing is wrong. Satan has them all fooled into thinking that they are good enough without Jesus and they will end up in hell just as he does one day and wonder what went wrong.

Living with and through Jesus is the only real living, anything other than that is just a false life, one that is temporary and destined to go to the pit of hell.

Successful living is like walking

It is true that this is a recurring theme on this blog as well as in life, but everyone wants to know how to do it don’t they? Can you learn how to do this? Yes, but it takes work. It is not something that you can just get out of a box or from an e-mail, and it is not an instant, overnight fix for a life that is out of kilter.

Just like living a regular life, whether that life is one that includes fame and fortune or one that is full of strife, heartache, pain and otherwise unpleasant things which make such a life miserable, a successful life is one lived while doing what you enjoy doing.

But, there is not an instant fix or an easy way of making money like you see in the emails or advertisements. Contrary to the popular sites and so-called “strategies”, instant wealth without work just doesn’t exist. The idea that you can get something for nothing has been around for a long time and many people have fallen for it.

The point is that along with a successful life, your attitude toward that life has to be on point with your dreams and your reality. If you are trying to grasp a life that, in reality, is out of your reach it is not futile but you do need to step back and take a deep breath. I don’t mean that you need to think it to death, whatever it may be, but you do need to look at your situation and make sure of the direction that you are trying to go.

It may be hard or difficult to do the thing that you are trying to do, but nothing that is worth doing is really easy. I know that you have heard that before but it is true. Getting something for nothing just doesn’t happen, except with your salvation. That is the only priceless purchase that you can make with nothing from you. Jesus paid the price, all that you have to do is repent of your old life and tell Jesus that you want a new one.

Taking the first step toward a life of freedom, regardless of what kind of freedom it is, is always the right decision. But, if you don’t take that step, you will never know how it feels! Being free from debt or sin is not easy or quick. Most people think that when you get out of debt, then you will never be in debt again, but unless you have truly changed your spending habits it will happen again!

It is the same with sin, when a Christian is still a babe in Christ, fresh in their faith, your old habits will come back. The sins have been forgiven, but your life hasn’t been reset like a computer! Forgiveness happens from above, the change in your heart and your character is a process that takes time. Time alone with God, time spent studying His Word and lots of prayer. Nothing is instantaneous, salvation is given to you through Christ when you accept Him but the change in you happens gradually.

Like the man in the book, “The Richest man in Babylon”, wealth comes a little at a time and it is the same with a Christian’s life. It doesn’t happen like turning on a light, but it is like building a home. The foundation is laid first, then the framework of the building, then the flooring and walls are framed in, etc. In a Christian life and a business person’s life, success is also gained by taking steps toward your goal, but you have to take those steps. Some of those are easy, and some are difficult but nothing is impossible.