Are we so blind to suffering and heartache that we don’t see it? Are we that indifferent and uncaring toward those around us? What happened?

It started many years ago and we didn’t notice, or maybe we just were too busy at the time. The Vietnam war was going on, our President had been murdered, unrest was rampant all over and I was about four or five years old. My parents weren’t getting along, things were happening that I didn’t understand, and our country made a law that has had massive repercussions in the years since then.

That law had to do with using the Bible in school and also prayer in schools too. It pushed God out of our education system at a time when He was sorely needed. He is even more needed today than He was then, but the laws have become even more restrictive. Chaplains can’t use the name of Jesus in their prayers for our servicemen and women anymore, the traditional family has been broken apart and now consists of accepted relationships which are against God’s laws.

We have changed our society to the point of being so different from the nation that our forefathers envisioned until they wouldn’t recognize it today. Many of them would be arrested for the words that they used in writing our Constitution. Why?

Political correctness, we don’t want to offend anyone or at least anyone who isn’t a Christian. Most of the laws enacted today are against the values and truths which we hold dear in our churches and it will likely get worse in the future. Why? Because we have pushed God and His Truth out of education and out of most areas of public life. We can’t show nativity scenes during Christmas on the public square. Parades during this time are called holiday parades or winter parades. But, if you want to show your support for any other religion…that is fine! No problem at all.

We are becoming a country which began as a nation founded with ideals drawn from God’s Word but today we have pushed Him out and we are in rebellion against Him. Why?

Read God’s Word, in particular the books of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation. These are the prophecy books that most people try to avoid, but the time that all of them refer to is now or at least it is beginning to be. We hear about or witness things which defy a real explanation other than “you don’t believe the way I do” or something similar.


What is happening in your world?

We all live in different areas of the world and we are influenced by our own culture, regardless of what kind of culture it may be. Some of us have grown up in areas where there is an intolerant attitude toward other cultures or beliefs. If you have grown up in an area like this, it may not seem to be a bad thing. Because to you and your family and friends, it is normal to be that way. But, what about the rest of the world? How do they perceive your culture? Do you even care how it is perceived?

Today, it seems that many people don’t really care about perceptions from outside their culture. Many people don’t even care about what their family and friends think, particularly if they are from a different cultural or religious background.

Why are we so polarized into left and right, right and wrong, do or don’t do, or even “if you don’t believe the way that I do, I will kill you!”

All of this is happening because of Satan and his influence over our world and our cultures. Many in our world today don’t want to admit that he even exists, let alone that he is the influence behind the back-biting and religious intolerance and all sorts of hate that is going on around us. If we could just learn to live by the principles taught in the Bible, there wouldn’t be so much strife in the world, but sadly Jesus predicted that this time would come.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” Matthew 10:22

We are to endure with patience and follow His example in these times. We are not to slander and hate others because that is what they are doing and we are called to be like Jesus, not like the world. So, why is it that we have so much trouble between cultures and beliefs? Again, the answer is Satan and his influence on our world. He hates us and it doesn’t matter what religion that you cling to because he wanted to rule the world and make it his. God gave us dominion over the Earth, but Adam handed it over when he disobeyed God so long ago. We have been living under the assumption that we still have dominion over it but we don’t really. It is just an illusion that we have been led to have by him.

God is in control of the outcome, no matter who thinks they are. We are the ones who need God and not the other way around. Trust in Him, learn of Him, ask Jesus into your life and your heart because one day, in this life or the next, you will bow to Him. It needs to be in this life because after this life, you will bow to His judgement if you didn’t ask Him into your life while you yet live.


We seem to be all about choices today. We choose a mate or a lifestyle to live by. We choose which school to attend and which major to take. We, sometimes, choose which religion that we will follow or not. Choices are part and parcel of life, particularly in America, but also in other places around the world.

Some of those choices in other countries are unpopular and bring hardship into the lives of those who make choices that are against the majority. At times our choices are so numerous that we can’t seem to decide what we want. What can we do in these instances?


Your life’s religion is a choice, sometimes it is one based on culture or family tradition. But, if you found out that your religion is false or that it will not lead you into an eternity of happiness, what would your choice be? If that choice is going to be an unpopular one with your family and friends, what would you do? Would you choose to follow the crowd and go into an eternity with everyone else just because it was acceptable to them?

These are answers and questions which each of us need to ask of ourselves and our friends and family. Why should we bother with asking these questions? Because that is what Jesus told us to do…go into all of the world and preach (tell) to them the gospel. If you are a Christian, this is your mandate. It is not a question of if we can tell, it is more like when will we tell them?

Your life in Christ is secure in Him, if you believe in His atonement for you and accept Him as your Savior. God, the One God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, loves you far more than you can ever realize. He has a purpose for your life, not only here but in eternity too, but you won’t be able to enjoy it unless you follow Jesus and give your life to Him. This life is a puff of smoke compared to eternity, no matter how long you may live. Consider this and turn to Him while you are here because the chance to give your life and heart to Him is only available while you live. There are no second chances or do-overs later.

So much…

Why is there so much hate in the world? Why do people get killed for no apparent reason, at home or overseas? What is so wrong with the world and the people in it that causes so much of the population to try to kill each other?

The simple answer is…that there is no simple answer at all! There is nothing simple about it because the evil in the world has had a very long time to perfect its trade and the way that it controls people without them knowing it. Yes, the simple answer is Satan and his demonic forces. Oh, they don’t go around possessing people much today, BUT they do make suggestions about the evil that is done. Manipulating people is their forte’, and they are very good at it!

Why a title like “So much…”? Because there is so much hate and mistrust and anger about things which don’t and won’t matter in the long run, especially today. Why can’t we get along like people should? Because, we never have and we just simply don’t know how!

Our “better nature” isn’t any better than it was two thousand years ago or even further back in time. We haven’t gotten better. I don’t have to prove it, you can see it on the Internet and the news every day!

I know that many of you who come here may be wondering, why I am bringing this subject up at this time of year? Why now? Because, if we don’t look to the Author of Life, our Creator, for help and for salvation before it gets any worse..it will get much worse!

This small post is meant to jar you into thinking about this, in your life and in those lives around you. Search out the Creator and our God, the Only One Who can FIX this in each of our lives! Because if we don’t allow Him to fix each of our lives then how are we supposed to fix the problems around the world? If we can’t get our own lives straight. and we can’t do it alone, then how can we possibly fix our community or the city that we live in or the country where we live?

The only fix for this world is to come to a realization that we all NEED God in our lives and we need to follow Him daily. Learn from His Word, not the Koran but the Bible! They are NOT the same!!

What will you do?

There are many problems in our world today. Not just over on the other side of the world, but close to home as well. Break-ins, looting, vandalism, rape, murder, the list goes on and on and on…seeming to have no end in sight. Why? Because, regardless of the wonderful speeches given and the promises made that have all been broken…we are in much worse financial shape than we were six or seven years ago. I am speaking of individually, personally but it is also true collectively for our country too. America is not respected any more. We are the butt of jokes and ridicule in many parts of the world today. Our once great country has lost its focus and its purpose because of our lack of a moral center. We don’t teach morality and good things to children anymore, because we have taken God out of the educational system entirely. People don’t seem to study or read their Bibles anymore either, and many that do complain that they don’t understand them or the rules are too harsh.

There is only ONE rule through the Bible from cover to cover…obedience. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27 Obey the Word of God, that is the only requirement in the entire Bible, God asks for and requires obedience. Does God love us..ABSOLUTELY. Then why does all of the bad stuff keep happening to people in the world? Because, Satan HATES us! Not only does God love us but it is because we are loved by God that Satan hates us so deeply, and in order to hurt God, he will cause diseases, death, misery, pain, wars, brutality toward each other. Satan’s existence is proof that God is real because you can’t have a perfect Creator without an opposite. If there is light, then somewhere there is darkness. If it is cold then somewhere it is hot. God is love and He cares for all of us because we are His creation, so Satan hates us just as strongly and would love nothing more than to keep you away from God! Satan will do anything and everything that he can do…that he is allowed to do, to inflict pain and cause people to doubt the goodness and love of God.

Why do I say this? Because it is true. He subjected Job to a disease which wouldn’t kill him, because God told him that he couldn’t take his life, but it was so painful as to make him to suffer for as long as God allowed it. Why? So God could prove Job’s loyalty to Him and to prove that Job was up to the challenge of Satan. Then, God restored his wealth ten times over and restored his family and gave Job a long life so that he lived over 140 more years after this.

God loves us and will prove it in your life, if you will obey Him and follow Him. He loves you anyway whether you return that love or not, and if He calls you into His Kingdom then you should answer. Don’t put it off and don’t disregard His call when you feel it. If you have been doing that for a long time, today or tomorrow may be the last time that you feel it. Jesus died to give you the chance at eternity in Heaven, all that you have to do is believe in Him and His sacrifice, asking Him to save you and forgive you and then repent of your sins and turn away from the things which have kept you from Him all this time. He will give you strength and the courage to get through every day, one day at a time.

Consider it before it is too late.

Many need to listen to this wisdom

The one you feedToday, our culture tries to feed the one that causes all of the trouble and kill the one that wants to calm things down. Why is that? What good will that do other than causing more problems and hatred?

Life is part of this equation and living it means that we should be trying to encourage the good wolf and either lock up or kill the bad one. Our society and the culture that we live in is doing it the other way around and all that is going to do is make things worse.

Love wins in the end, so why fight it? God’s Love, not the kind that our Supreme court is pushing.

Offensive Christians

I don’t know when this happened exactly, but I have noticed it over the years. Here is part of an article that I read and I had to share it with you.

So this is where we are:
Military Chaplains are being reprimanded for speaking explicitly about Jesus and the Bible.
Christians are sued when they attempt to live out their Biblical based values.
The President scolds Christians for not “celebrating” perverse lifestyle choices which contradict scripture.
A Fire Chief was suspended merely because a book he wrote espoused biblical values.
And a motivational speaker is fired for mentioning Jesus in a combating stress speech to High School students in Texas.
How is it that America, founded on Judeo-Christian values, is suddenly, for all intents and purposes, adverse to those biblical values? How have we come to this place in history where America, many of whose founders claimed a personal relationship in Jesus Christ, is actively silencing citizens who would do the same?
And, in the words of my friend, Duane Patterson, when was “the right to not be offended” in the Bill of Rights?
President John Adams said:
Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
Senator Daniel Webster noted:
Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens.”
Read more at http://savingourfuture.com/2015/04/motivational-speaker-at-texas-hs-fired-for-mentioning-jesus/

We have allowed this because we have “turned the other cheek” too much. Over the past fifty or so years, we have allowed the government and our elected officials to chip away at our rights as Americans a little bit at a time. Now, we are beginning to notice, but it may be too late. We can’t change it without radical change happening and I am not sure that America and its people are ready for that.

Truly, America isn’t ready for that kind of change. Our country has moved in this direction for so long, it would take an intervention from God Himself to get us back on the right track again.

I am feeling down again…

I know that this is supposed to be a site for uplifting posts and helpful articles but I also began this journey while I was depressed last year. Well, it is beginning again. I have been praying about this and reading my Bible, especially the Psalms, every day and that helps but sometimes Satan just hits a little bit harder. I know, some of you may not even believe that he exists in our world, but I assure you that he is here and his helpers, powers, demons, whatever you want to call them are here too.

All of them hate us because we are loved by God and we have been created in His Image. Because of those two things, we have legions of demons and principalities which are bound and determined to stop us from being or becoming Christians, especially bold, praying Christians! Those of us who read and study our Bibles and pray are the ones that get hit with diseases and disabilities many times and if it isn’t us, then it is our family members who get them. Anything to distract us from doing God’s work, like I am doing right here.

I don’t know how much longer my hands will work to do this, so I am trying to keep going as long as possible. Please pray for me and my health and my family’s health as well. Prayer does more than most people realize and it really is felt by those who are being prayed for. Thank you in advance.

Our world and our culture is under attack by Satan’s forces. They can’t be seen or felt, except when they cause a problem in your health or your body or even in the area where you live. But, they are behind the violence and gangs and drugs and all other sorts of evil in our world, so be aware that mankind is evil but with the assistance of Satan it multiplies ten fold or more.

We need as many people as possible praying for peace and for wisdom in the days and weeks ahead. Not just for us individually, but for our governments and those who are in offices of importance, like our President. Yes, I have heard that there are some who hope that he will be killed overseas, but God placed him where he is so ask God to open his eyes and prick his heart to turn to Him for guidance and wisdom during this dark time.

God will get me through this time, no matter what happens. But, we need to be praying for our neighbors, our friends, and our co-workers and each other. Study God’s Word and pray that you will gain His wisdom from it so that your life and your decisions will be guided by Him in the coming days. Life itself is going to be tough and we need to keep our spirits filled with His Word and wisdom so that we will see Him when He comes in the clouds.


InspirationWhat would you do in your life to inspire someone? Could they look at your life and see an inspiring life or story? Why don’t we try to be the inspiration for the next generation that is coming along instead of being people that nobody wants to be like? It seems that many of our young people today don’t have much to inspire them.

The cops are being arrested for pushing drugs and stealing. Guys in all kinds of sports are being arrested and tried for murder, violence toward their fiancé or their spouses, and then there is drug abuse charges for many who have been an inspiration in the past. How can kids grow up with an idea of who they should be if we as parents, teachers, police or sports figures don’t give them an example to follow?

What is it in the world that separates us? Money, power, greed, hunger, religion, the list could go on and on. Many people say that it is race but that isn’t it. We all belong to the human race, Homo sapiens, we just have different skin tones that’s all. Our biggest separating factors are culture, religion, and wealth or lack of wealth!

In today’s world, those factors create huge walls between us, nationally as well as individually. At times, it seems that it happens every day, these walls are impenetrable and unlike the walls of Jericho they don’t easily come crashing down. Of course even those walls wouldn’t have come down without the help and assistance of God. Which is where we should be looking for help in our existence to tear down these walls which cause so much hate and distrust between us.

The other problem is that Satan wants these walls to stay there. Because if they are still in place, he and his cohorts can use them to cause more hate and distrust and add to the thickness and height of the walls. If we don’t draw closer to God and seek His wisdom and strength in our lives, these walls will never come down! Pray that the Christians in this country and around the world will be working to bring these walls down by His power and might!

Time and tenderness

Have we come so far in our struggle to understand each other or not far enough? Instead of coming together, it seems that the time and the process of repairing our differences has driven a wedge between us. Is it because there are many who don’t want the rift repaired? I have thought that for the past fifty years or so, America and the people living here were supposed to be taking Dr. King’s advice and his struggle to heart? But it seems that instead of growing into a society which accepts each other based on our character rather than our skin color, it is our cultural differences which are driving our society apart. We are heading in the wrong direction concerning our relationships with each other.

Many people talk about the racial problem in the world and in America. It is not a racial problem! It is a cultural problem. When the people of Earth split up because of their language differences at the tower of Babel, we all spoke the same language and our cultures weren’t so different at that time. Now, we have developed many different cultures and religions, different ways of dressing and talking, all kinds of differences from the outside, but we are all Homo Sapiens….mankind.

Our racial differences today seems to mean our different cultural heritage and the appearances that go along with that today. We are all of the human race. Culturally we are all different in many thousands or even millions of ways. We have different beliefs that we cling to in times of trouble. We have different dress and music preferences than “those other people”.

But, when you get down to the DNA of us, all of us, there is very little difference. Two arms, two legs, two ears, one mouth and two eyes, these are the characteristics of a being that is supposed to listen more, see and take notice of more of the injustices in the world, go out and do more with your arms and legs. If you are able to go on a mission trip then do it! We are to be Christ’s eyes and hands and feet in the world so that people can see Him through us and our actions. If your life and your actions don’t reflect Jesus’ attributes, then you need to repent and come back to Him, get into His Word and truly follow Him.

When you speak you should speak in such a way as to bring wisdom into a situation instead of making it worse with accusations and baiting people into actions which cause more problems than they fix. That is why we have only one mouth and two ears, we are supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. Every person needs to hear the gospel of Jesus, whether it is through a sermon in a church or from a blog on the Internet like this one. I pray that you will consider this in your life just as I try to do in mine.

In the gospels, Jesus’ words were powerful but not inflammatory. He told those who weren’t listening to Him exactly why they weren’t listening and suggested what they should do about it. Take His words into your life and heart so that you can use them in all of your situations, regardless of what kind of situation it might be. Why? Because if we don’t, our world is going to get to a place spiritually that is even worse than it is today! Jesus gave us the power of His name and we can use it, IF we belong to Him and claim Him as our Savior. Believe in Him, come to love Him through the reading and study of His Word, pray to Him in the morning and at night. Listen with your spiritual ears and your heart so that you will know what He says and when He says it.

Take the gospel to all of the world where you work and live and elsewhere. Time grows short, seek Him and be watchful for He is coming back!