In our world today….

What can we do to stop the violence? Is there any possible way that our country, our world can avoid another civil war? This time it won’t be over slavery, although I don’t know what it will be about unless it is centered on or around race and culture and the differences between us!

What HAPPENED? I had hoped that our country would be moving away from the race riots and tear gas and the gas bombs that I watched in the late sixties and early seventies! We are almost fifty years past all of that and it seems that people who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King are rubbing salt into the wound again. Why? What good is this going to do? Would he go along with this if he were here? I really don’t think so.

Yes, I know, I am a cracker and I don’t understand your culture any more than you can understand mine. My great-grandfather was a Native American, my great, great-grandmother was also a Native American. They were here long before any plantations began, so historically I can claim some knowledge of injustice.

But, I am not going to drag it from the 1800’s into today! It was cruel what our ancestors did to the Native American people who were here first. It was cruel and inhumane what many did to those slaves which were sold by Muslim traders into slavery, but starting a war over something which happened two hundred years ago or more DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

Yes, I do get a bit up on a soap-box sometimes, but we are approaching the end of the Church age if you haven’t noticed! There are things which are about to happen, very likely in our lifetimes, that will make life very hard for a while. If you haven’t given your heart to Jesus, then you need to do so. Because when He comes back, there won’t be anyone contacting the President’s office to get permission to do things, Jesus will do it, period!

Before He begins His reign though, there will be seven years of what could be termed “hell on Earth” and those are the years that nobody will enjoy at all. Some may think that they will but, in the end it will not turn out good for very many at all. Remember, the Bible tells about this time and Jesus wins, Christians win right along with Him and so do the Jews who come to know Him as the Messiah! The plagues and other judgements that will be endured during the time before He sets foot on the Mount of Olives, will cause many to either turn to Jesus and ask for His forgiveness or they will curse Him to His face.

Then as now, there is no dividing line between love and hate nor is there a middle ground between belief or disbelief. You can’t have it both ways, you either believe or not and you will either love Jesus or hate Him. The world today, hates Him already as many people in America do. They will tell the media that they don’t hate Jesus or Jews, but they don’t believe in God or Jesus or any other religion. When you take that position, you are on the side with Satan whether you believe in him or not.

Culture wars, race war, civil war are all names for a war which has no real meaning and there is no good outcome for it either. The kind of war that is brought about by agitators, those who just want to start something and then sit back and see how it all falls out, never turns out well at all. Look at Vietnam. See how it turned out?

We, as a nation, need to have a real sit-down with Jesus. Come into the church and learn about Him, and truly have a revival in our land. If we don’t do that in the next few years, I really don’t see America lasting until the next century comes around. Consider this and pray about it. If you belong to a church, bring it up in the next meeting and try to get a movement back toward God started. One step, then another, and another and another…that is how a trip or a destination is reached and we need to reach out to God in faith and love before it is truly too late.

How do you live?

This is a question which I have never asked of myself let alone anyone out in the world or on the web. So, I will try to come into this with an answer for you that makes some sense, at least to me.

I live in a rural community in the middle of a Southern state. I am a Caucasian with a family tree which goes almost back to the original colonies, although I believe that my ancestor came over as an indentured servant from what I can determine at least. Not that it makes any difference in how I view the world today, since my ancestor and those that they or he served was over three centuries ago. The past is fine to look into and wonder about, but it cannot dictate your life today and it shouldn’t. Even the time in which I was born, the first years of the ’60’s, is foreign to us now because that is over fifty years ago. A different time and culture, even in the South.

Time makes a lot of difference in how people view the world and the history which happened in our past. From the recent decades all the way back to the founding of the American colonies. Yes, there have been many mistakes and wrong turns in many countries all over the world, but with wisdom and the knowledge that we glean from learning about real history, not altered or manufactured history, we can determine to do better in the future.

Life itself causes us to work through our days and weeks and months and years, one day at a time. Just as we learn about life, one day at a time. We don’t see the future and it seems that many are trying to erase or change as much cultural history in our past as they can. Why? The different cultures are what make us unique! It doesn’t matter if two millennia ago they were worshipping a different god than we do now? Getting rid of antique and irreplaceable sculptures and artifacts will not correct history to what you wish it to be, but it will destroy art that cannot be replaced.

How can you live in a world where the culture that is trying to dominate and take over the world is also trying to reshape the world’s history to suit its own ends? Life can teach us many things but destruction doesn’t teach anyone anything except how to remove the past from view. What is left is dust and fragments of a cultural period which will never return and we can’t duplicate even today. How would many of the world’s people feel if someone dropped a bomb on Mecca or on Jerusalem which would destroy all of the cultural and religious artifacts contained in those cities? What about the destruction of the pyramids in Egypt?

These are cultural and world history sites which cannot be replaced, much like the ones from ancient Babylon which were destroyed recently. These are not idols to be worshipped, just cultural icons and sculptures which could be studied today. Yet, they are rubble now.

Your life and mine may not be impacted much by these lost cultural icons, but the world will be different in some aspects. Hate on this scale is infectious and it seems to be spreading in many parts of the world and it has made its way to America too. We are in for a rough ride in the next few years. Pray about your own salvation, read God’s Word and learn the wisdom in it. We, as human beings, are in this together. Different cultures and religions may be separating us along lines which are blurred in some ways and crystal clear in others. Find common ground and work toward it, regardless of your skin color or your religion.



It really is happening today, in America and around the world. I never really thought it would be as bad as it has become here, but it is getting worse. On today I saw an article about the “lower IQ” of Christians versus Atheists. Why that is even a question on a psychology test I don’t know. Besides, intelligence is not measured by your religion or how much education you have or don’t have.

Persecution happens when people are intolerant of others, whether it is because of their religion or their skin color it still happens. How can we get around this or away from it entirely? Actually, no we can’t. At least not while the world is entirely under the control of satanic forces as it is today. I know, many people don’t believe in any kind of spiritual being whether they are good or bad, God or Satan. The point of this is that whether you believe it or not, soon it will be evident to all, non-believers and believers alike.

In this article a Christian professor at the University of North Carolina, told the outlet that “every group is protected from offensive speech on campus except for conservative Christians.”

Why are Christians singled out in America and everywhere else? It is because of the One that we follow. When will it come to my town? It may already be there, it just isn’t in your face yet. Yes, freedom of religion means that you have the freedom to worship whatever you want or not. But, why all of the lawsuits and protests against Christians and their views?

Why can’t we just get along? You have a different opinion of life than mine, so what? I am not going to call the news station because of it! You might live with a pig, a real pig…what business is it of mine? I don’t care what you do in your home. Why can’t my practice of my religion, even if it is Christianity, be mine and you just stay out of it? If my religion was Islam, it seems, there would be no problem at all or if it was Wiccan or any other religion than Christianity then…no problem.

Difference of opinion, difference of religion, different skin color, eye color or hair color…we are human and we are all different. Differences, diversity in genetics is what makes us the way that we are and the same is true in religions. We don’t have to make such a big deal about whether we believe each others beliefs or not.

Just my 2 cents.


No, there are no persecuted Christians in jail for their beliefs, but the persecution exists regardless. We may make up a majority in the polls which say that over eighty percent of Americans are Christians, but that number is far inflated. The point of my article is not that we are persecuted in America like they are elsewhere, but that it exists and it will likely get worse. Even though those who are making the most noise are in the minority, that may change in the near future. Believe what you want, this is America.

This season think on this…

If you are in business for yourself or trying to get into being a business owner, this time of year can be even more stressful. There is a deadline, in a way, that everyone wants to meet now because of Christmas. But, what is it? Why do we need to meet it?

The real deadline is not the holiday that everyone loves and looks forward to every year. It is your own time line, your “date with destiny” if you will. Do you think about it at all? Many people, especially those under thirty, don’t think about the possibility of death at all unless they have had someone close to them that was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Death is something that nobody wants to consider or think about, but it is one of those processes in life that none of us can escape.

This space is about life and a successful living of it so why am I speaking about this now…here? It is because this time of year is one of the worst times of the year for many people. Depression, anxiety, and suicides run far above the norm for any other time of the year during this holiday season and yet, there is real hope available to all.

Even if you don’t have a belief in a higher power or have turned your back on God because of your life or circumstances, He has not abandoned you nor has He forgotten you! God does care, regardless of the rhetoric and blathering that you hear from people who really don’t know any better. They are determined to see that you will be like them, what for? Because they are lonely and they are wrong and they need your company!

Anyone who believes that God doesn’t exist and that we are an accident of the universe is lonely because they are believing a lie and they know it! They just don’t want to admit it! Learn about the One who created you and me still cares about you whether you want to believe it or not and when you do, you will decide that He thinks that you are something worth loving. When you realize this you will also come to the decision that He is worth knowing and loving too!

Your success over the long haul, so to speak, is not dependent on your product or your salesmanship but on your character and the One that you pattern yourself after. If you choose to follow a fantastic salesman, one who can smoothly flatter and show the most easy way to make money, whether it was legal or not, then you will be like him. But, you will be empty inside and nothing that you accomplish will satisfy you.

If you pattern your life and your character on Jesus, then your success will be eternal. You will be able to sleep soundly at night and everything that you accomplish will be satisfying to you and to God. Doing the right thing, regardless of the money you make or don’t make, is more satisfying in the long run. By following Jesus as a disciple and as your example in life, your business will flourish and grow just as your relationship with Him will grow.

Think about it with an open mind and an open heart because how else is Jesus going to get in if you don’t open the door?

What Do You Think of When You Consider Success?

I have been trying to find a way to make money with blogging and so far all of the “systems” that I have found are just scams. Scamming people out of their money is not an honorable way to make money! A successful life is one that honors God in all that you do. In your life, in your job, in your worship and by life I mean that you need to carry Jesus with you daily. I am not writing this column or post for myself. I am not putting this up just as a rant page! Even though, I tend to get up on a box at times.

A successful life is one that helps others in ways that helps them succeed and in the process each of us will succeed. Lying and cheating people out of money is not the way to go. There are ways to create wealth and be a blessing in the process, but sometimes we have to find those ways. Doing things the way the world and those in it do them is not the way to go! Finding your calling through your service to Jesus and using that calling to make life better for other people will bless you beyond measure.

Those blessings may not be in monetary things. You may not make a six figure income from doing this, but you will live a successful life. It may not be a successful life from the world’s point of view, but in God’s eyes it is. How can we do this? I don’t know exactly. If any of you have any ideas which fit the criteria that I have laid out here, let me know and I will gladly pray for you and I may try it out if I can afford to.

You see, those people who put sites up and say that they were dead broke but came up with a system to make money they did just that! They might help you put up a site and they might just sell you their “secrets”, but then you are on your own. How do you think that you will do with around three billion other web sites trying to get everyone’s attention? You had better have a really good hook or some bait that will drag them in and hook them so that they will buy YOUR product instead of somebody else’s.

My question in the title is specific enough that many people will say “Money!” OK, if you are successful in making money then how else will you be successful? Success has many faces and not all of them are pretty. Money will pay bills and buy stuff but other than that it has little power. With enough of it, you can have a position of power, but the reward always comes down to “your character”. Because money will also cause the REAL person that you are inside to come out regardless of whether you want them to or not!

Make sure that the person which shows up after you are successful is the same person that you are or a better one!