He is special

Children are special to their parents and grandparents, but have you ever wondered how God felt about His Son? He was part of the Trinity of course and God knew that, but Jesus was more than that too. He was:

The seed of the woman in Genesis and after the fall; He was the Passover lamb in Exodus; in Leviticus He was the High Priest; in Numbers He was shown as the water from the rock, as the Fire by night and the Cloud by day; in Deuteronomy He was the “prophet like Moses”; He was typified by Joshua and the Captain of the Lord’s Host in Joshua; in Judges He was the Judge and Lawgiver; in Ruth He was the Kinsman Redeemer….

Jesus was all of these and more. To Mary He was her son and the Son of the Most High. To His disciples He was their Rabbi and Teacher and Master, to us He is our Savior and Lord. We have no counterpart which would equal what Jesus was to God the Father so we can’t say how that relationship was or what it typified

Why do I say that? Because God’s ways are so much higher than ours until we can’t understand His love for a world full of sinners, a love that allowed His Son to give His life to pay the debt for all who would believe in Him and for those who would not. We can’t understand it because we wouldn’t allow our child to die for one person’s sins, even our own! Jesus was and is special because of Who He is and because He is still King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

You can say that you don’t believe in Him if you wish but you are placing yourself in a dangerous place when you do. You can say that you don’t believe that a place like Hades or Hell exists and that is fine, but if you should go there because of your unbelief in Jesus, you have been warned! Not believing in them will not save you from them, but believing in Jesus and accepting Him as your Savior will save you from them.


Life today, eternity tomorrow

Living successful today can mean many things to many different people. Some want to make lots of money, some just want to pay their bills off or be able to get a new car or house, some may need the money for medical expenses either for themselves or a loved one. We all have different reasons for wanting to be successful in life, whether you are young or old or wealthy or poor, there is a level of success that each of us would like to have.

How we get to that point in life is just as important as getting there. Would you sell drugs to make the money for your kid’s college education? Probably not. What about some other venture which is immoral, such as a pornographic website? Many people could make lots of money that way, but could your conscience be at peace with it? How many lives would your site wreck in failed marriages or other consequences of people looking at and becoming hooked on the content available on your site? Could you feel good about your money if you knew how much damage was being done by it? I couldn’t.

The Internet has changed a lot of people’s concepts of wealth and news, friendships and relationships and even how we view the world in general. We can get news twenty-four hours a day, we can keep up with our friends and work from almost anywhere in the world (depending on the job we have). In many ways, it has made the world much more accessible and smaller but it has also given us a larger audience to appeal to because anyone can access our sites, anywhere and at any time. So, what drives you in life? Is it money, power, prestige, fame or a combination of them all?

These are the forces that entice people in the world today in one form or another and yet they are all temporary. None of them will last very long. Oh, they will if you are shrewd and cunning but who wants to be that way for the rest of their life? You won’t have many friends if you act that way for long. Some will stay with you because of the money or the fame for a while, but they will leave eventually. Few will be real friends who would stick by you if your money was gone and those are the real friends, the ones that you need in your life. No one can live alone, with no contacts or true friends. It would be an existence which would eventually drive you nearly insane.

What about your own sanity? Physically, we can do many things but when stress and worry get to be overwhelming from the bills that are due or the loss of a loved one or of a job, what or Who do you turn to at that point for help? Many people today turn to the wrong things such as drugs or alcohol to ease the pain or to dull the ache of loss, but these are only temporary fixes.

Temporary fixes are just that, temporary! What about when the buzz wears off and you wake up or come down from it. If my memory serves me correctly, you usually feel worse which also makes you feel depressed even more. My suggestion is to give your life to Jesus and decide to follow Him.

Following Jesus in your daily life is not hard to do and it doesn’t restrict your life either. It frees up your life because you can’t help yourself in this area, on Jesus can change your heart and your life into what He intended for you to be! Once that happens, you will feel it in your heart and soul.

Success in life, necessary?

Is success really necessary in life? To many people in life and business and in any endeavor that they attempt, success is necessary. But, what do you do with it once you have attained it? Do you go out and buy some extravagant item that you couldn’t afford before just to show off? Or, do you take your success and the reward that you have gained from it and make sure that you never get into debt again? Will you help those less fortunate than you have been or will you just forget where you were a few short months or years ago and go on your merry way?

These questions and the answers that come into your mind will tell you something of the type of person that you are. The real you, not the one that everyone else sees at the office or at a bar or even at home. The answers that come into your mind while reading those questions in the first paragraph. The answers which come, without your conscious thoughts in the way. Those are the truthful answers but they are also the answers that many people ignore or push away. Because they don’t want to admit to being so cruel or hateful. Nobody wants to admit that, unless there has been a change in your life that truly changed your character, each of us is selfish and egotistical.

We are, each one of us, this way from birth and nothing that you or your parents can do will change that. It is a sad fact and a blight on our collective conscience. Oh, we can be good and decent folks when we want something or when we think that we will get something in return. But, what about the times when we need something and we can’t do or say anything which will provoke such an action from someone else? What happens when you may be hurting, physically or emotionally, and there is nothing that you can accomplish which might prompt someone to give you what you need or want at that particular point in time?

Your character and the influence that it gives you in circumstances which come up daily, is the deciding factor when it comes to your true success in life. How much you make in terms of money is not it, nor is your promotion at work or anything which you acquire because of monetary rewards. The person that you are inside, where your character is grown and nurtured and pruned is the most important factor in your success in life. How you grow to be that person is dependent upon the culture that you live in as a young person, growing up in the care of your parents or grandparents. Yes, I used the plural of parents/grandparents for a specific reason…because each of us needs both figures in our lives.

A mother and a father, both of whom are present during your growth and development. It has been the deciding factor in the culture that our country finds itself in today because there have been and still are too many families which don’t have one or the other and sometimes both. Children that grow up without the influence of parents who care for them aren’t successful in life. I know there are exceptions to every rule and some people who are will get up and say that it was because of such a fact that they determined to be successful.

Success according to the standard that we use is measured by how big your house is, how much money that you make, etc. In material possessions, stuff, there really aren’t very many successful people in the world. There are far more people who are very UN-successful in terms which most of the world recognizes as success because there are more people living in parts of the world where their life is successful if they can manage to eat a meal two or three times per week. Success is relative because of the nature of success, where you may live, the ability that you have to live and your own drive and character which influences how you live and what you have to do to survive.

God does have some influence in your success because He is the standard by which your character is judged. His influence in your life depends greatly upon whether you have heard His message through examples set by your peers or your parents or from messages through attending church or being ministered to by a missionary in a country where Christianity may be despised and hated. Your compass, moral or not, depends upon the influence of people who have been in your life from your youth and upon their character traits as well. Were they influenced by parents who were God-fearing or were they humanists? All of these things come into play later in life and you may brush them off as the rantings of some person on the Internet, but the point is this: Character builds up, lack of it will tear down. Consider this when trying to find your path through life, wherever it might lead you.