So much…

Why is there so much hate in the world? Why do people get killed for no apparent reason, at home or overseas? What is so wrong with the world and the people in it that causes so much of the population to try to kill each other?

The simple answer is…that there is no simple answer at all! There is nothing simple about it because the evil in the world has had a very long time to perfect its trade and the way that it controls people without them knowing it. Yes, the simple answer is Satan and his demonic forces. Oh, they don’t go around possessing people much today, BUT they do make suggestions about the evil that is done. Manipulating people is their forte’, and they are very good at it!

Why a title like “So much…”? Because there is so much hate and mistrust and anger about things which don’t and won’t matter in the long run, especially today. Why can’t we get along like people should? Because, we never have and we just simply don’t know how!

Our “better nature” isn’t any better than it was two thousand years ago or even further back in time. We haven’t gotten better. I don’t have to prove it, you can see it on the Internet and the news every day!

I know that many of you who come here may be wondering, why I am bringing this subject up at this time of year? Why now? Because, if we don’t look to the Author of Life, our Creator, for help and for salvation before it gets any will get much worse!

This small post is meant to jar you into thinking about this, in your life and in those lives around you. Search out the Creator and our God, the Only One Who can FIX this in each of our lives! Because if we don’t allow Him to fix each of our lives then how are we supposed to fix the problems around the world? If we can’t get our own lives straight. and we can’t do it alone, then how can we possibly fix our community or the city that we live in or the country where we live?

The only fix for this world is to come to a realization that we all NEED God in our lives and we need to follow Him daily. Learn from His Word, not the Koran but the Bible! They are NOT the same!!



Life has a funny and an awful way of sticking it to you when you least expect it. There are two families that I have know for a long time who are hurting in the worst way imaginable today…actually since Saturday evening. They both lost someone that they love dearly in a car accident. It is not my way or responsibility to try to imagine their feelings, because unless you have had a child…your only child, to die then you can’t possibly understand.

You can sympathize, but sympathy only goes so far. God has both of these beautiful young ladies in His care now because they were both Christians and that is a comfort. But, the pain that is being felt is unbearable unless you lean on Him. The mourning that is happening now and in the days and weeks to come can only be born by these families through prayer and the love of God pouring into their lives from the prayers of their friends.

Some say that being a Christian is a crutch to lean on, it is because God gives you His strength to get through times which others would buckle under. We are not weak being Christians because our God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe! He can hold our world or our Sun in His hand, yet He can also hold you or me and give us the love and the peace that no one can understand except another Christian. God loves each of us enough that when we are hurting, it hurts Him too. He comes along beside us and carries us through these difficult days and weeks when there is no possible way for anyone else to help.

Being a success in life is great, but what happens when a storm hits you or your family like the wreck that took two beautiful young ladies away to Heaven? Your success doesn’t look very successful at that point does it? Nothing in your life matters, eating, going to work, sleeping all seem to be unimportant because all you can think of if the pain that you feel. The hope, the knowledge that the one that is missing is in Heaven doesn’t give you much comfort either. Because you can only feel the pain.

You are numb and in shock for a long time. This pain won’t go away with an aspirin because it is deep inside your soul and it will not go away. Only God can help in this instance. Coming to Him and in His Presence is the only way to begin to heal the empty space, the empty feeling which is there. It really won’t ever go away but holding onto your faith in Him, getting closer to Him is the only real cure, the only real help that there is. Trust in Him, seek Him out for your days of intense pain. He knows what it feels like and He is the only One, the only Person who can help.

Politically Correct

The fringes of our society, whether it is religious beliefs regardless of the religion, Christians, atheists, and the media too have been doing this for a very long time and that is pushing political correctness. By correctness I mean that you cannot offend ANYONE and this has been taken and is being taken to a point of shackling people in the way that they interact with each other in any and every way! Why is this happening?

Everyone has a personal opinion on every subject, regardless of its religious meaning or not, and yet in our society today if you hurt the feelings of just one half of one percent of the people in America, then you are wrong! You are mean and bigoted and cruel! Why are we being this way? At first it was being politically correct about race and sometimes religion, now it seems that every belief or nationality or lifestyle falls under this “PC” umbrella.

Nobody can say anything negative about anything, unless you are a comedian then you can do whatever you wish or say whatever you wish and nobody will get really upset about it. But, if you happen to be a Christian and you say something which refers to your faith or your beliefs, then EVERYONE is ready to hang you on a cross for whatever you said! As long as your faith is something other than Christianity, then you can say whatever you please and it will not offend anyone.

Why is it that any time someone claims to be a Christian, every word and gesture and every belief that comes from them is scrutinized to the nth degree? It doesn’t matter if they own a business or not, but if they do then that business is very likely to be boycotted or sued because of the beliefs of the owners, especially if they take a true stand for their beliefs. If they are Jewish and don’t open their business on Saturday, the traditional Sabbath for their faith, nobody notices.

If they happen to be traditional Muslims, and they own a restaurant, no one says a word about the absence of bacon or pork dishes.

Political correctness has gone and is going too far in our country, but the only group of people who seems to be targeted is the Christian faith and their beliefs. As long as you are not a fanatical (believing) Christian, one who actually believes what your faith teaches, then very few people will say anything to you. If you only go to church once or twice a month or even just on holidays and you don’t tell anyone that you are a Christian, then nobody will say a word to you about your faith.

Not depressed but….

I did not feel good yesterday and it affected my body itself, not just my mood. It caused a “nervous stomach” which is what my doctor called it once or twice but it really was diarrhea. Thankfully, it didn’t last very long but it lasted long enough for me to have to cancel the service at my church, which I suppose is what the Adversary had in mind in the first place.

Yes, there really is a devil or Satan as he is referred to in the Bible and he does cause a lot of mental problems in Christians and non-Christians alike. Maybe not him directly, but his demons and spirits which he commands but they do his bidding all over the world. Now, I am not speaking of demon possession, I am talking of diseases, cancers, mental illnesses of all kinds which can be caused by spiritual forces, demons, powers, principalities or whatever you want to refer to them as. All of these are part of the one-third of angelic beings which followed Satan when he rebelled against God and was cast down to Earth.

Many people have the false impression that they are in hell and that is wrong. They live among and around us. Inhabiting places where evil has been or the occult was used, but they can travel anywhere they wish to on or around our world. The problem is that they HATE us with such a deep hatred that the mind of man cannot fathom it!

They know that their time is coming to an end soon and they will do anything to keep the message of God and His Son from being told and believed! If you don’t want to believe me, take a walk somewhere that you know is or has been used by a palm reader or any other occult worship of any kind. If you are or have been a Christian, then you will be fine although you will feel something. If you are not a Christian, and you go to these places, be careful of what you touch and don’t bring anything home with you that has been there.

Anything such as a pentagram or a talisman which has been used in any occult gathering can open a doorway into your home. The reason that I said that Christians will be safe, in a way, is because they have the presence of the Holy Spirit within them and possibly an angel or two accompanying them. They are never alone and that is why I tell anyone who is or has been depressed, they need to turn their lives and their depression over to God. Pray continually, read the Bible, especially Psalms, when you are depressed. The Word of God is powerful and healing in its power but it is also protective too.

Don’t go looking for Satan, if you are not a Christian he knows where you are. If you are a Christian then he is likely keeping tabs on what you are doing and trying to stop or interfere with your witness to others in your ministry. Stay close to Jesus, read and study the Bible, pray early before you start your day so that the day will be better. Look and watch for those who are false prophets and be as close to other Christians as you can be.

Do you have bad days?

I know, silly question. We all have them, hopefully not every day, but we have them. Sometimes they are easy to get over, sometimes not so much. What can you do? Bad days start out good, sometimes and then turn bad. Then again, some bad  days start with a bad dream and then you wake up and it doesn’t go away! Have you ever had one of those? They stay with you for years, even if you try to forget them.

Bad days are life’s way of giving you a wake-up call, only it is sometimes really LOUD!

So, what can we do about these days that don’t turn out so good? Well, that depends on you.

How do you want this day to go? Is it supposed to be a day for meetings or a sales day? What kind of day is it going to be?

Truly, it is your decision. Just as being happy is your decision every day, having a good day or a bad day is dependent upon your attitude about the day….before you begin the day. If you have never thought about the fact that it is your decision regarding how your day goes, then you need to because it really is your decision.

Now, I am not saying that everything will go perfectly when you decide that your day is going to be a good one, but it likely will be much better than it would’ve been if you got up all grumpy and in a bad mood! Yes, there are ways to have a good day that dad or mom didn’t teach you and for the most part you have to learn them on your own but they are not entirely your own ideas!

The first way to begin to have a good day is to start it off right. Get up and look at something beautiful like the sunrise or your spouse or your kids, because it is a gift from God. All of the best things that you have in your life are just that, gifts from Him. If you don’t believe me, read through the book of Proverbs, then take a look at some of the Psalms. The advice in both of these books is better than the advice that you might get from your parents, unless they happened to be Christians.

Many people don’t think that God’s Word is much more than a dusty old book that has nothing to do with today or the twenty-first century. The best thing about “that old book” is that it is the inspired Word of God, and as such it is a Living Word which means that each person that reads it gets a different message each time they read it. That doesn’t mean that the words change, but as God’s Spirit speaks to you, then you will get a different meaning from the same passages.

That promise of giving you the meaning that you need, the advice that you need is found in God’s Word but it only works for you if you read it with an open mind and a receptive spirit. You have to be willing to hear what the Word is saying as you read it, otherwise they are just words on a page, like these are. I am not a prophet of God, although I am a preacher, which is why He tends to show up in all of the posts which I put out here. Whether I am writing about success in life and business or about your life with Him, He is still central to the success of it all. Don’t turn away from that small voice that you may hear in your heart and soul. I made that mistake once and I will never turn my back on Him again.

Just think about it and let me know what you think. Have a great day! Also, have a wonderful Thanksgiving this next week!