Sugar coatings don’t get you to Heaven

Have you noticed that there are some preachers on TV that don’t tell you the whole truth, they try to make things seem to be OK and politically correct. I have noticed that some don’t say anything about us being sinners at all. Yet, there are so many people in America who don’t claim any religion at all, sugar-coating or not.

Belief is another matter. Most people seem to have some type of belief even if they claim to be atheists. Belief in a higher power seems to be growing, even though many won’t claim to know what higher power they are referring to. In life there is no moral absolute they say, we are our own gods and we control our existence. Really? Then, why are there so many health issues and hair color products and plastic surgeons today? I mean, if you are your own god, you should be able to choose your hair color or get rid of your own wrinkles and your health problems, right?

Sugar coating the message, regardless of what type of sugar it might be, is not the answer to mankind’s problems. Ignoring our mental problems or societal problems doesn’t make them go away and neither does glossing over our weaknesses. Yes, mankind is a spiritual being and we are linked to a plane of natural existence while we live but that doesn’t mean that we ignore the past.

The past being our historical roots. Regardless of the pronouncement that this country isn’t a Christian nation, it is and always has been. It was founded by a group of people who were escaping persecution for their beliefs in their home country so they decided to begin fresh in a new country. They didn’t sugar coat their messages and if you read any of the sermons from the colonial period, they were pretty fiery.

In many religious meetings today, we need more fire if for no other reason than to wake people up. Living a life of ignorant bliss, not knowing the Truth of the wisdom contained in the Bible or in some cases just not caring about the Truth, while it won’t endanger your life here and now it will have repercussions in the life to come whether you believe in that life or not. Just as I have written before, not believing in something won’t get rid of it, so we need to truly face the facts whether we like it or not.

People who were persecuted for their faith in the past, by the Catholic church and others, did not give up their faith in Jesus or the message that they received because they knew it to be true. No one is going to die, sometimes horribly, for a lie unless they believe it to be an absolute truth. That belief has to be ingrained into their heart and soul for them to be burned or otherwise tortured to recant or disavow what they believe.

Turn to Jesus and seek the Truth in the Bible. This is the only Truth that has stood the test of time. God allows Satan a bit of freedom to persecute the church and others in this world so that questions like this come up, but God is still in control.

Are you involved?

By this I mean are you involved in life? Are you living your life because it is something that you have to do? Are you working at your business or your job because you HAVE to?

Being involved in life is more than just living and more than working every day. Involvement in everyday life is something that we all take for granted just because we are alive and we are able to get up and do something, regardless of what it is that we are doing.

It is hard to understand why others in the world don’t like it when we are involved in life because Christians tend to step on people’s toes, whether we intend to or not. Why? Because of what we have and they don’t like it, they want us to be tolerant of everything that they do, but they can’t or won’t be tolerant of our beliefs!

In 1 John chapter three, he wrote: “See what an incredible quality of love the Father has given to us, that we should be permitted to be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are! The reason that the world does not know us is that it does not know (recognize, acknowledge) Him.”

This is the reason that others don’t want us around expressing our opinions because our opinions always involve our faith in God, regardless of what we are doing or saying. God is the center of my life and if you are a Christian, He should be in the center of your daily life too!

I am not writing this to brag or to say that I am better than you. I am writing it to tell you that God wants a relationship with you. He has always wanted a relationship with each person on the Earth, but many won’t give Him the time or the opportunity to come inside and be there when and where we live. If you live your life daily with something or someone as the focus of your energy for the day, then you have the wrong focus…the wrong priority in your life.

God does love you because He sent Jesus to die in your place to pay the price for all of your sins so that you can come to Him in repentance and ask Him to come into your life, forgiving you of those sins and work through you so that you can be useful to Him for the rest of your life. It is a simple thing to do, but many of you won’t do it because of pride or selfishness. You won’t give your life to God because you don’t want to admit that without Him in the world, available to the world, there would be no recognition of the evil in the world.

The existence of God

Many are questioning His very existence today? Is He real or is God just someone who was made up by mankind many years ago? In spite of what you may have heard or thought, God’s not dead! We have many proofs and instances in scripture as well as everyday life that prove that His alive and He is in control.

Atheistic thought aside, the existence of God is not in question. We are here, the Earth and all of the life that inhabit it is here, this couldn’t have come from some random puddle of protein! And regardless of any nod toward science that you want to give, evolution is just a theory and nothing more. I will not discuss it because that is all that it is, period.

I have a clinical science degree so, yes, I have studied cells and microbiology and evolution and it doesn’t add up. In four and a half-billion years it is not a proven fact that you can go from a protein ooze to all the variety of life on Earth. God created life on this planet the way that He created life, period. By His Word the grass grew, flowering trees with fruit, and all other trees with their own seeds were created. The birds of the air and the fish and sea creatures were created. The record of this is in Genesis. The only part of creation that God put His hands to while creating was mankind, because we are made in His image.

Life may exist elsewhere, but God chose not to give that information to us, and we will likely not find it out until we are in our eternal home. Please consider the alternative with an open mind, God loves you more than you can possibly imagine. Learn of Him, seek Him out while you can. Read the Bible and ask Him to show you His wisdom for your life through it and what He can do for you.

The life that God can give you is better by far than you can provide for yourself, mentally or spiritually. Why? Because He is God!


It really is happening today, in America and around the world. I never really thought it would be as bad as it has become here, but it is getting worse. On today I saw an article about the “lower IQ” of Christians versus Atheists. Why that is even a question on a psychology test I don’t know. Besides, intelligence is not measured by your religion or how much education you have or don’t have.

Persecution happens when people are intolerant of others, whether it is because of their religion or their skin color it still happens. How can we get around this or away from it entirely? Actually, no we can’t. At least not while the world is entirely under the control of satanic forces as it is today. I know, many people don’t believe in any kind of spiritual being whether they are good or bad, God or Satan. The point of this is that whether you believe it or not, soon it will be evident to all, non-believers and believers alike.

In this article a Christian professor at the University of North Carolina, told the outlet that “every group is protected from offensive speech on campus except for conservative Christians.”

Why are Christians singled out in America and everywhere else? It is because of the One that we follow. When will it come to my town? It may already be there, it just isn’t in your face yet. Yes, freedom of religion means that you have the freedom to worship whatever you want or not. But, why all of the lawsuits and protests against Christians and their views?

Why can’t we just get along? You have a different opinion of life than mine, so what? I am not going to call the news station because of it! You might live with a pig, a real pig…what business is it of mine? I don’t care what you do in your home. Why can’t my practice of my religion, even if it is Christianity, be mine and you just stay out of it? If my religion was Islam, it seems, there would be no problem at all or if it was Wiccan or any other religion than Christianity then…no problem.

Difference of opinion, difference of religion, different skin color, eye color or hair color…we are human and we are all different. Differences, diversity in genetics is what makes us the way that we are and the same is true in religions. We don’t have to make such a big deal about whether we believe each others beliefs or not.

Just my 2 cents.


No, there are no persecuted Christians in jail for their beliefs, but the persecution exists regardless. We may make up a majority in the polls which say that over eighty percent of Americans are Christians, but that number is far inflated. The point of my article is not that we are persecuted in America like they are elsewhere, but that it exists and it will likely get worse. Even though those who are making the most noise are in the minority, that may change in the near future. Believe what you want, this is America.

Living well in our culture

The culture that we live in, whatever it may be, determines our focus. What we believe, why we believe and how we believe, regardless of the object of our belief. So, what is your cultural belief? Is it religious or secular? Is it centered around a religion or is it atheistic?

Living well means that we are enjoying life. In what manner we enjoy our life is determined by our beliefs and the morality that we were taught while growing up. There are many who think that as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are enjoying it.

What is your focus in life? Is it materialistic? Do you think that whoever dies with the most toys wins? Especially if they are expensive toys? OK, if that is your belief then who gets your toys when you die? You can’t take them with you and it is for sure that you won’t enjoy them from that point on. What is the point in a person’s life in acquiring more “stuff”, expensive or not, when that stuff can’t help you in life at all!

Yes, some stuff can impress people but today is that necessary? Some people say “yes”, but why? Do you really need or even want some “thing” to impress people about you or should they be impressed with your character and your life? Truly, they should be impressed with you and your character, not what you are wearing or driving.

Stuff, is just like idols from ancient times. We worship things like cars, jobs, and positions even though many don’t realize that we place far more importance in these things than we should. Many times, we look at the beauty of a car, or the salary that we are getting from our job or the position that it affords us in society and we don’t see that we are putting too much emphasis on those and not on our personal integrity.

Is it possible to have integrity in your sales position or your specific job, whatever it may be? Do you check the advice that you give to others with your conscience, your own moral code before you give it? Have you considered that life and health and your job all follow each other? How healthy you are is reflected in your life, but it also affects your job and your performance in that job. If your health is not so good, then it will show in other areas of your life. If you are having problems at home, regardless of the kind of problems they are, they will be reflected in your job and in your health.

Your faith in God can help in all of these situations, whether you have faith in Him will affect all of these situations because He is the source of truth and conscience in our lives whether we admit to it or not. Many of the wise sayings that are accepted in our culture come from God’s Word. They may not be quoted that way and it may not be shown as the source, but much of the wisdom that is in so-called “self-help” books that are so popular has its basis in Biblical wisdom.

His love and compassion for all of us was and is shown through the grace that is given to us each day that we wake up to a new day. We should cherish it as a gift, thank Him for it and purpose to do with it something which will edify and glorify Him in the process. In doing this, our life will be blessed, our job will be blessed, the customers that we serve will be blessed and our stress levels will be far less than they would’ve been. Think about it.