Truth, what is it?

In today’s society what is the truth? Many people seem to think that it is relative to each individual. What is true for me may not be true for you.

Okay, does the Sun come up in the East? True fact. It sets in the West. True fact. Summer is usually very warm if not hot. True fact. There are many paths to get to Heaven and be accepted by God. FALSE!! See how easy it is to narrow down what is true and what is not!

God set in motion all of the planets and stars in their orbits and in their courses. Fact. Satan is going to help you get everything that you want in this life. This is one of his promises, and it may come true for some people. The key to that sentence is “in this life”, he will not lead you into Heaven. He may make you think that is where his path goes, but when you stand before God at the end of your life you will give account of everything that you did or said. If you didn’t accept Jesus as your Savior before your life ends here, then your eternity will be with Satan.

God wants each of us to have a chance at eternal life with Him so if you have heard the gospel, don’t turn away from it.

Even Pilate, who questioned Jesus, asked Him “What is truth?” He didn’t know that he was speaking to the Creator and Author of Life and truth. God has given us much in this world, yet we look around and ask, “Where is God?”!  Really? Look at all of the LIFE that is concentrated here on this small planet! Evolution cannot explain this because there is no way that chance mutations produced all of the life on this world in the time that most scientists believe that it has been here. Even if you extend the time to include the age of the cosmos itself, moving from some single-celled organism to everything on the Earth in that amount of time has been modeled by computers as being impossible.

God has given us everything in its season and He gave us this small planet to live upon. Whether you believe it or not, truth is found only in God’s Word and in Him. Seek Him while there is yet time to do so, don’t fool yourself into thinking that mankind’s truth is better than God’s. Make sure of your salvation while there is time, while you are alive, because when this life is over, there is no chance to change what you had the time for during your life here.

Why are we separate?

In the centuries since Jesus, our Savior, ascended to His Father, YHWH, and He sent the Holy Spirit to be with the early church so that they could get started. Why? Because there were many thousands of people in Jerusalem that day when Peter spoke and the only way that many would understand him was through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God Himself. Many people think that Peter was speaking in many languages that day and he may have been, but it wasn’t coming directly from his mouth that way. This is just my belief and you are welcome to disagree with me, but the Spirit was giving them utterances to be heard by all of the people and it was Spiritually done.

What I mean by that is that even if Peter was speaking in Aramaic, the Spirit was working through him so that all of those who did not speak Aramaic heard his words in their native tongue. So to be understood, to be heard by many people who needed salvation and so that they would believe in the power of God through the Holy Spirit. Do we, as Christians, still have that spirit with us today? In a sense, yes we do. Wherever it is needed and necessary, the Holy Spirit will make it evident to those around that God is alive and well and working through us to bring the knowledge of Jesus to them.

Are these spiritual gifts necessary for salvation? No, they are not. They are manifestations, proof of salvation and validation of ministry if and when it is necessary to spread the gospel to others. There is an article which shows some of the differences between churches and I am giving the link to it here, and although I believe that we are all serving the same God our ideas about Him are very different which is what has separated us all along.

There are many names given to God by mankind over the years and many of them can be found in this article which is a good reference for exactly Who He is because these names are all in God’s Word so there is no dissension. God loves each of us, not just a few and not just those whom He calls to Himself, but many people in the world today don’t look at Him that way or think of Him that way.

Some people treat God like a genie or a grandfather. He is our CREATOR! He is GOD! There are and always have been three persons in the Trinity of God. There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and it is the spirit which we have when we open our hearts to become Christians. No amount of speaking in tongues which can’t be understood will make your salvation more real. God still heals people today, maybe not in the most dramatic way but He does it just the same. Is there prophecy today? Yes, in the Word of God and in those who are preachers of that Word and no other!

How can we turn away from God and His nature of being a Triune Godhead? At Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove and lighted on Him, God spoke saying “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased”. You have the Trinity in that one place at the same time. David said that he needed the Spirit of God to give him strength, the Angel of the Lord has been identified as the pre-incarnate Christ and God the Father, our Creator, was present with Israel in numerous ways throughout their history and He is with us today!

The church shouldn’t be splintered and fractured, but it has been for hundreds of years and in the last one hundred years it has fractured even worse. Why? Because of the influence of Satan, in my opinion. He has infiltrated the church in the congregation and in the pulpit. Inserting his ideas and lies so that men will consider them to be their ideas and they sound just close enough to the truth until it becomes doctrine, yet it is not from God’s Word exactly…it just sounds like it. I pray that we will wake up and open our eyes spiritually before our Lord appears and many are left wondering what happened. Continue reading

For today and eternity

Life is part of living. I know that sounds crazy because we take it for granted most of the time. If you are alive then you are living, right? Well…yes and no.

Sometimes living is more than just breathing and being and walking around. Sometimes, on some days life is more than waking up and seeing the sun and the trees and your family.

Good deedsIt is by taking the love of God and the love that we learn through our relationship with Him that we show our true life. The life that we live through Jesus and the life that His teachings have in us.

Remember, Jesus didn’t tell His disciples to live inside a monastery and hide from the world. He told them to take the gospel out to the whole world, even to the ends of the Earth. We can’t take His love to others unless we have it in our hearts and then walk out of our house and His and go into our community and tell others about Him.

Many of His disciples were killed in countries where they didn’t know the story of Jesus or the Jewish people, just for trying to bring His message to the World. This is what He told them and by extension what we are told to do today. So, why don’t we do it?

Many of us don’t tell others because we are afraid of rejection or hatred toward us because of our religion and beliefs. The problem with this is, it isn’t personal. Those who lash out at us over something that we are trying to tell them are doing it because they don’t want to hear the message! The message itself is being rejected, not us personally.

But, it feels personal doesn’t it? When people reject the message of love and grace that Jesus told us to take to the world, it does feel personal because we have a personal relationship with our Savior! The only advice that I can give is to let go of your hurt feelings and give the situation over to God, He will bring about whatever He desires in that person’s heart and life. It isn’t your responsibility after you have told them about Him.

Fear, anger, frustration, depression, and rejection are all used against us by Satan to make us ineffective at witnessing to others for Jesus. The message is the product that we give to others because we are saved by His Grace. It isn’t a requirement or a job to earn favor with God, it is the product of being given His grace and mercy even when we don’t deserve it and letting others know about the joy that we have because of it!

So, what will you do with your greatest gift? Lock it up behind the doors of your home or your church, or will you allow it to spill over and get into someone else’s life because Jesus got into yours? Even telling one or two people can and will make a difference in a life somewhere or sometime that you don’t even know about. But, you will find out about it when you meet them in Heaven and it is revealed to you.

Time and tenderness

Have we come so far in our struggle to understand each other or not far enough? Instead of coming together, it seems that the time and the process of repairing our differences has driven a wedge between us. Is it because there are many who don’t want the rift repaired? I have thought that for the past fifty years or so, America and the people living here were supposed to be taking Dr. King’s advice and his struggle to heart? But it seems that instead of growing into a society which accepts each other based on our character rather than our skin color, it is our cultural differences which are driving our society apart. We are heading in the wrong direction concerning our relationships with each other.

Many people talk about the racial problem in the world and in America. It is not a racial problem! It is a cultural problem. When the people of Earth split up because of their language differences at the tower of Babel, we all spoke the same language and our cultures weren’t so different at that time. Now, we have developed many different cultures and religions, different ways of dressing and talking, all kinds of differences from the outside, but we are all Homo Sapiens….mankind.

Our racial differences today seems to mean our different cultural heritage and the appearances that go along with that today. We are all of the human race. Culturally we are all different in many thousands or even millions of ways. We have different beliefs that we cling to in times of trouble. We have different dress and music preferences than “those other people”.

But, when you get down to the DNA of us, all of us, there is very little difference. Two arms, two legs, two ears, one mouth and two eyes, these are the characteristics of a being that is supposed to listen more, see and take notice of more of the injustices in the world, go out and do more with your arms and legs. If you are able to go on a mission trip then do it! We are to be Christ’s eyes and hands and feet in the world so that people can see Him through us and our actions. If your life and your actions don’t reflect Jesus’ attributes, then you need to repent and come back to Him, get into His Word and truly follow Him.

When you speak you should speak in such a way as to bring wisdom into a situation instead of making it worse with accusations and baiting people into actions which cause more problems than they fix. That is why we have only one mouth and two ears, we are supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. Every person needs to hear the gospel of Jesus, whether it is through a sermon in a church or from a blog on the Internet like this one. I pray that you will consider this in your life just as I try to do in mine.

In the gospels, Jesus’ words were powerful but not inflammatory. He told those who weren’t listening to Him exactly why they weren’t listening and suggested what they should do about it. Take His words into your life and heart so that you can use them in all of your situations, regardless of what kind of situation it might be. Why? Because if we don’t, our world is going to get to a place spiritually that is even worse than it is today! Jesus gave us the power of His name and we can use it, IF we belong to Him and claim Him as our Savior. Believe in Him, come to love Him through the reading and study of His Word, pray to Him in the morning and at night. Listen with your spiritual ears and your heart so that you will know what He says and when He says it.

Take the gospel to all of the world where you work and live and elsewhere. Time grows short, seek Him and be watchful for He is coming back!

Living well is possible

We are people who like to think that we know how to live, and live well, but can you explain it to someone else? Is it possible to tell someone how to do it and then expect them to be able to go and do it?

Believe it or not, it is possible to do this! The news about all of the people in the world, whether they are in Missouri or in Iraq, being upset about something which they want to fix even if it is none of their business and truly there is nothing that they or you can do to fix it!

Sounds like a crazy world doesn’t it? Well, it is and it is this way because of the time that we are living in. I am not speaking of the second decade of the twenty-first century, I am speaking of the time of trouble that is spoken about in the Bible.

Uh-oh, there he goes again talking about that book again. How is that supposed to help me live successfully? Because there is more business advice in this one Book, than most people learn in an MBA course of study! Getting angry and upset about things because they happened to someone else or because you think it was a slight against your religion is just plain stupid!

What are you accomplishing by doing this? We can live a successful life by following Jesus and His teachings because He said that our life is important to Him! If your life is important to Jesus and to God, and I am talking about each person out there, then don’t you think that you owe it to yourself to find out what God says about living your life? The only way that you can do this is by reading the Bible and praying your way through what you are reading.

God will show you what you need to know for your business and for your life when you do this. Then, be thankful that you have access to a Bible which has both the Old and the New Testament in it because one explains the other. Help yourself with God’s wisdom so you can be a help to someone else.

Are you involved?

By this I mean are you involved in life? Are you living your life because it is something that you have to do? Are you working at your business or your job because you HAVE to?

Being involved in life is more than just living and more than working every day. Involvement in everyday life is something that we all take for granted just because we are alive and we are able to get up and do something, regardless of what it is that we are doing.

It is hard to understand why others in the world don’t like it when we are involved in life because Christians tend to step on people’s toes, whether we intend to or not. Why? Because of what we have and they don’t like it, they want us to be tolerant of everything that they do, but they can’t or won’t be tolerant of our beliefs!

In 1 John chapter three, he wrote: “See what an incredible quality of love the Father has given to us, that we should be permitted to be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are! The reason that the world does not know us is that it does not know (recognize, acknowledge) Him.”

This is the reason that others don’t want us around expressing our opinions because our opinions always involve our faith in God, regardless of what we are doing or saying. God is the center of my life and if you are a Christian, He should be in the center of your daily life too!

I am not writing this to brag or to say that I am better than you. I am writing it to tell you that God wants a relationship with you. He has always wanted a relationship with each person on the Earth, but many won’t give Him the time or the opportunity to come inside and be there when and where we live. If you live your life daily with something or someone as the focus of your energy for the day, then you have the wrong focus…the wrong priority in your life.

God does love you because He sent Jesus to die in your place to pay the price for all of your sins so that you can come to Him in repentance and ask Him to come into your life, forgiving you of those sins and work through you so that you can be useful to Him for the rest of your life. It is a simple thing to do, but many of you won’t do it because of pride or selfishness. You won’t give your life to God because you don’t want to admit that without Him in the world, available to the world, there would be no recognition of the evil in the world.

In the interest of….

Being involved in life. What have you accomplished? Any success in your business or in life itself? Can you truly and honestly say that you are doing everything that you can do to be true to your life and calling, whatever it might be? Have you considered what your purpose in life really is?

Many people get beyond high school and still have no clue what they should do with their lives. Some even get out of college with a degree in “liberal arts” and don’t really have any idea what they want to do or need to do with their lives. Why is there all of this confusion in life? Why can’t we just determine our path and stick to it? Is it because that path is hidden or hard to see?

I really don’t think that is the case. I do however, believe that the blame points to the church and the lack of leadership in it, especially in the past fifty years or so. The church, regardless of the denomination, has not stepped up in the political arena to protect and defend the rights of Christian people in America and elsewhere.

Yes, our country was founded upon Christian principles and the schools which were brought into existence early in our country’s history were first and foremost training schools for ministers. Yes, believe it or not, Harvard, Princeton and Yale were all seminaries for the training of those who are called to be Ministers of the Gospel. They did not begin their life as playgrounds for the rich, nor were they liberal in their views toward the world, at least at the beginning. People came to the colonies to escape religious persecution and to further the Kingdom of God, at least that is what was in the Mayflower Compact so long ago.

Being involved in life or in the church, regardless of the level that you choose to make yourself known, is a process which involves more than just showing up for work on time or choosing to be someone who can be used by God to further His Kingdom. The process of being someone in this life and doing something that will matter in the life to come, is called being a disciple of Jesus Christ. But, we can’t just decide that we are going to be ministers or evangelists, we have to be called by Him to be that.

In your business life or in daily life, your relationship to God needs to be defined to a point where you know whether you believe in Him and in Jesus’ atonement for you. Why do I bring this up when business doesn’t involve Christ? Some businesses do and truly your business should be a partnership between you and Jesus first and foremost. If your business is not one that you would feel comfortable with Him in it, then you might need to check your relationship with Him as well.

Conduct your life and your business as if Jesus is the CEO of it. Start your days by studying the “business book” of Proverbs. Ask God to show you what you can do to bring His Kingdom glory through your business. Why am I bringing so much Bible into a business discussion/post? Because God is interested in your life and if your life includes your business, then He should be involved in that too. One other reason is that since He is the Creator of everything, I imagine that He would know something about business.

We are coming to the end of the age of grace, so consider who you are going to line up with. There are no dates that I can give you, only that the time is drawing near. The signs are in the heavens, the blood moons that are happening this year and next, and the unrest and persecution which is happening everywhere. It is time for those who have felt or heard the Holy Spirit calling to them to make their decision if they haven’t already. Get into the Bible, learn as much as possible during the time that is left because the persecution will increase and we will be called to give account of ourselves in one way or another.

I have been writing these pages and posts, not here but on my other pages, for about five or six years and I do believe that God has given me the words to say. I never had this “talent” if you will, before I became a Christian so His influence is the only explanation that I can give. God has done this, not me. Visit my other sites: or, you will see some other messages that I have put up. Please, consider becoming a Christian if you are not already. If you are get deeper into the Word of God so that you will not be deceived in the time of trouble that is coming.

Are you satisfied?

When is a rich man poor? When he tries to find satisfaction in his money. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said, “He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver” (Ecclesiastes 5:10). A man of modest income said to a man who was very rich, “I have more than you have.” The rich man said, “How is that so?” He answered, “Because I have all I want, and you don’t.” Many of the people that you see on the street are very dissatisfied with what they have because they believe that they don’t have as much as the next guy or their next door neighbor. But….have you ever wondered about their life or their health? How about yours? Yes, those of us which don’t have much or the means to get as much as others do have more than the rich do simply because, like Paul wrote in Philippians 4:12: “I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.” How can the vast majority of people get by with humble means or live in prosperity and be content? Most aren’t even satisfied with the coffee that they drink in the morning, let alone the paycheck that they get! It is very true that loving anything other than God can cause a great deal of pain, in your eternity as well as now. Being too attached to silver or gold has a really deleterious effect on our soul which shows up in our lives every day. It shows up in our character which allows it to spill out into our work life and our family life and therefore destroys both in the end. So, what can we do about this type of situation? In all honesty, we ourselves can’t do anything about it on our own power and our thoughts and deeds. We are the cause of the situation not the One Who can cure or fix the situation! Jesus and the mercy which He pours out on us each and every day is the Physician which heals and fixes the problem and He can if we will allow Him to do so. Your life and your business can be…will be so much more effective and less stressful with Him in your heart and in your life.

Living well today?

There could be many interpretations of that statement: Are you living well today? Is there a “living well” today? “LIVING WELL?!?” “Today?!!?” Are you kidding me!!!!????

All of these are questions which need answering for our culture today. In business and in life, living well can be accomplished but it must be done carefully. Yes, you can live like a king if you are making the money to do so. But, what will all the cars and houses and things get you? Noticed? yes. Happy? Not likely.

Things that money can buy will satisfy only a portion of your life and mine, but not the innermost part of us. You cannot purchase something which is priceless and which cannot be bought with money. More and more stuff just takes up space and it soon rusts and falls apart or is stolen to pay taxes on other things or sold to get more stuff. What actual good will any of it do for you or for someone else? Will a custom Rolls Royce feed you or clothe you? Can you live in it when your home is repossessed? Your Rolex can’t help with the bills when the money is gone and you will only get a small percentage of what it is actually worth if you sell it or pawn it.

Stuff like this is gotten by those who want these things for their exclusive nature and the perception that it gives others about their owner. But are you really the owner or are you owned by them?

The world and those who crave material gain are only in whatever business they are in for the money and prestige, when that is gone there is no satisfaction in it anymore so they move on to something else. Like the prodigal son, while he had money, he had “friends” but when the money was gone so were they. They latched onto the next sucker in line who had money enough to interest them and like leeches, when that dried up they moved on to the next one and so on.

Life is like that too, especially living by the world’s standards of success with all of the glitter and glamour of it. Like the prodigal though when the money is gone and there is no more coming in, all those pretty things and the people that came with them will just go “poof!”

So, what are you working toward? A big mansion and a Rolls with a Rolex on your arm and a custom made suit? An Olympic sized pool and a garden for a back yard that would be the envy of the whole town? I have a question to ask of you if this is what you are looking for. Why?

What good will all of that do? The things which I listed have a combined cost of well over one million dollars and unless you are making enough to buy it with cash, that is a LOT of payments to make. What could I do with one million dollars? Lets see….I could pay off all of my debts, medical and student loans, buy my wife a brand new car or truck if she wanted it, build a nice home, finance some improvements for the church that I pastor and pay the taxes on the one million too and still have about two hundred thousand left to send my kid to college without a loan.

Yes, one million can do a lot in some people’s hands and for some it might only last a couple of weeks. Yes, even after paying over three hundred thousand dollars to the IRS, I could still do the things which I said and likely still have one or two hundred thousand dollars because I am not going to buy the most expensive toys or houses, I can’t live in but one house anyway.

Living well means different things to different people and how you spend your money is your business as well as what you spend it on. The main point that I am trying to get you to consider is the eternal question: Will your wealth accompany you into Heaven or will it rust here after you are gone? It will go with you if it was used in the right way here and now. No, you won’t be taking a batch of gold or silver with you but you would have rewards in Heaven if your money was used to support a homeless shelter or feed the poor in Israel. Little seeds reap big rewards in the long run.

Politically correct all the way to what?

“We’ve been told to be careful. But we’re going to be careful all the way to Communism if we don’t start standing up and saying ‘no.’”

Political correctness is great, at times, but today it is being used as a way to beat people over the head for their beliefs. Especially Christians. It seems that many people are pushing the belief in God out of their lives or away from their lives altogether. Why? Belief in Him is not a crutch!

Why am I getting into this on a site which is supposed to give advice to business owners? Because, God’s Word contains so much advice to people who run businesses and how to live your life successfully. Truthfully, I am a pastor and I am tasked with telling people about God’s plan for their lives but your business life is also important to Him as well.

I know that some would ask, “Why would God care about my business?” Simply put, it is because He cares about you and those who frequent your business whether it is a brick and mortar business or online. Success in life and in business takes a lot of determination and drive but it also takes a toll on your life in more ways than many people imagine. You are constantly in the front because of being the owner of the business, you are in charge of all of the purchasing decisions, it is your name that is on the line when something goes wrong ultimately.

This kind of stress can wear a person down in ways that, frankly, we were not created to handle on our own. So, what can we do to help ourselves in this situation? Really, not much unless you are a so-called “Type A personality”. Who can help us in our time of crisis or just in everyday operations? Our co-workers can if we learn to delegate authority by allowing them to take some of the burden. Your spouse can help by being supportive in your area of business.

All of these people can assist you in taking some of the stress off of your shoulders, if you will let them. But what or Who can you or will you turn to when the stress builds, as it always seems to do, and it seems that nobody can help you?

You know the times. A deadline is approaching or you have a client that is getting restless. Suppliers and shipping problems compound the issues because you have no control over them or their schedules. Do you have an outlet for this kind of stress? Some people turn to alcohol or drugs but this only adds to the problem, it covers it up temporarily but the problem hasn’t gone away. Your only real help in this situation is God.

Oh-oh, I did it. I brought that up again. Business shouldn’t be run by God! Why not? Isn’t the church a type of business? Some large churches have many people on their staff including lawyers, secretaries, accountants so why can’t God be involved in business? God’s advice is free and available to anyone who will read and study His Word, but the advice that He gives in just one book is worth as much as a college degree.

Bring Him into your boardroom or just into your office and allow Him to change you and your business in ways that you may never have considered. Your clients will thank you for it, some may do business elsewhere but you will acquire better ones when they leave. Your business will be more stable and very likely more profitable. If it is, don’t forget to give back to God His portion. It will come back to you in ways that you might not realize.