If not me, then who?

I got a strange wake-up call, of sorts, this morning. In a dream I was told to make an effort to heal relations with the African-American community in my area. Why me? I am not in politics and I am not a figure who is in the public eye. Why me? When I posted this question in my dream, my answer was: If not you, then who? If not now, when?

This woke me from a sound sleep and the only other time I have been awakened like this the message was from God. Since I am a Pastor, I didn’t want to ignore it. But, how am I to go about this? I contacted a person on one of the local TV channels and since this was just a little while ago and it isn’t even daybreak yet, I haven’t had any response of course.

I suppose I will learn of the significance of this soon. This is an area which I am not familiar with, so all that I can say is that God is going to have to give me the words to get through this. I ask that all who read my writings here will be in prayer for me.

Thank you in advance.