You hear a lot about opium addiction and its derivative drugs from opium/heroin, so why is it so addictive? Because of the high that it gives, being such a euphoric feeling, even with a small amount of drug such as four milligrams of hydrocodone. It is a very easy and very much addicting group of substances.

Why am I bringing this up? I took a dose of cough medicine which had hydrocodone in it last night. I may have taken a little bit more than the amount the doctor told me to take, but I wasn’t expecting the reaction, the outcome, the high that just a little more put into my system. I didn’t take it to get high, I wasn’t taking it to “try it out”. I won’t be taking it ever again.

My point in this is: why would you do such a thing when it makes you feel terrible afterward? My entire day was blown yesterday and I was ill for almost the whole day. Did it feel euphoric while I was “high”, yes, but not worth doing it again that’s for sure!! Please read this as a warning, it is addictive and some of these new opiate drugs are even more addictive than what I took. Please seek out some other form of “high” if that is what you need!

Praying for all who read this. Seek out Jesus and His Salvation in your life, eternity is a better and LONGER high than anything here on this Earth! Amen?


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Your lack of understanding about addiction is very apparent, and that lack of understanding is why most addicts feel judged in churches. Heck, I was basically kicked out of church after my then-girlfriend became pregnant. They hosted a baby shower for her, and I was ostracized and isolated. Here I am now, trying to acknowledge and rely on a Higher Power, and a church is the LAST place I want to be.

    • I am sorry that you feel that way. I am not an addict, so I don’t have the same view as others who struggle with this. I wrote that all I did was take a double portion of hydrocodone ONE time. It was scary to me, it made me sick, but I am not judging you or any other addict because I have not been there, I don’t and never have walked in your shoes. I pray for all who are in bondage to drugs or alcohol, but no I don’t have understanding about it and I don’t want it.

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