So much…yet so little

Too much information and too little time in which to use it or even tell about it. Why is all of this happening now? Couldn’t some of this just go away and stay out of the news and the Internet? We have gotten to the point of INFORMATION OVERLOAD!! 24 hours every single day on all the channels and nearly every web page you visit, even this one! It makes you want to run away screaming at the top of your lungs into the farthest reaches of wilderness that you can find or get to! AAAAGGGHH!!!

Now, where was I…oh yeah, the overload of information. I used to enjoy watching the news or reading a news paper or even a news magazine, but now the news that shows up on any of those is hours old and we’ve already seen it, commented on it, and moved on. What is the point of “news” anymore? Oh, and the reference in the title of this little piece is to the amount of information and the time it takes for us to consume it and move on.

Our attention span is like the life cycle of a fruit fly these days. At one point, we had attention spans of twenty minutes, maybe thirty if it was interesting or the one telling the story was engaging enough NOT to put you to sleep! Today…we are do really good if we can get someone to read a sentence, let alone a post/article on a blog. I suppose that is why Twitter is so popular, because they only allow 140 characters including spaces!

Why do I bring this up Because, we are getting so much conflicting information about our election which is just a few days away. Because our country needs a population which can stay focused longer on the issues at hand rather than voting for someone because they are rich or they have a beautiful wife or because they are African-American or a woman!

Just because they happen to have the right skin tone for some people or the right gender for others, doesn’t mean that they are the best choice for our country. No President, regardless of his station in life or her connections to those who we need to “kiss-up” to will be able to FIX the problems that we have right now! Not even in four years or even eight years, but if we don’t begin to fix them…they will never get fixed!! EVER!

God gave each of us a brain to use for figuring out problems and learning how to fix things when something goes wrong. Well, something has gone terribly wrong in our government! It used to be a republic of democratically elected officials who did the will of the people who put them in office, not the whim of which lobbyist who paid them the most!!

If we don’t sit down and ask God to forgive us for really screwing up our country and for His help in getting it fixed, then we will not have a country very much longer! Seek out His will in this election, not your own! Get your life and your heart right with Him and then ask His opinion of the candidates and the ones which we should vote for. If we can’t humble ourselves before God in this election, then we may lose most of our freedoms which we still have.


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