Living it up!

Many people are doing just that! On the other hand, there are people who have lost everything and aren’t getting a lot of help. Well, they are getting some help, but it seems that most of the country is ignoring them and their plight. Why is it that we would rather watch the Olympics or a golf game rather than try to help people with real needs and problems?

Could it be that we just don’t want to think about the people who really NEED help? Help that we could give but…well we just don’t feel like it today. Could you help those who are hurting? Could you help those who are in need? Would you, if you had the means to do so?

Living our life as if we are going to die tomorrow is OK, but it is very selfish. Look at all of those who are being left with nothing! There are thousands in Louisiana who have lost their homes and everything in them and they didn’t have flood insurance! Many of them are disabled and unable to get a job to be eligible to build another home. So much of their life was washed away, precious photos and keepsakes that no amount of money will replace and yet it seems that very little is being done for them.

Everyone is assessing the situation and many are sending things which may help but aren’t needed. Toys are no good to a child who hasn’t got a home to play in. Kitchen items are useless to someone who hasn’t got a kitchen. Tooth brushes and tooth paste are good to have, no matter whether you have a home or not.

The one thing which most of these people need right now is our support, in whatever way we can give it. The government is bankrupt in regards to feelings or caring for people these days and printing money does little good when the money doesn’t have much value.

I don’t have anything to give to them except for my prayers that God will meet their needs and comfort them. I will not ask you to do more unless you are prompted by God to do so. If it were your family that was hurting or had lost everything, you would help. Is this disaster as bad as Katrina, maybe not but it isn’t far from it. Prayerfully ask God what you could do, then do it! Sitting at home and wishing for the water to go down, calling yourself praying for their well being if you could help out is useless and heartless.


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