So much fear and anger

The world is a place where many things happen “in the name of Allah”, many of them are caused by hate…why? What is the reason for hatred, fear and anger toward those who don’t follow your religion? Just because there are people who believe differently than you do is not a valid reason for this at all!

In some circles and belief systems the emotions of fear, anger and hate are looked upon as destructive emotions and that is exactly what they are. Fear in itself is not because a healthy fear of heights can save your life. A fear of death can keep you alive to live another day, depending upon your situation. Anger and hatred are more like acid and fire, keeping them inside can cause disease and death quicker than normal.

What am I writing this for? Because there is much fear and anger in our world today because of hatred. Those who cannot tolerate other religions besides their own bring this into focus on the daily news because of their actions. Why? I don’t know. I cannot understand the mindset of those who follow this way of life and living in order to kill others in the name of their “god”.

I saw an article earlier today from a woman in the Middle East who asked this same question but in a way that put Christians in the place of “radical Muslims”. How would the world feel about Christianity then? What would every person think about our religion if we did these things on a daily or weekly basis? We wouldn’t be living our lives according to the teachings of Jesus, that is for certain! So, why would the “prophet” encourage his followers of Allah to do this? There is no reason for this and it is the only religion in the world which is this violent and has been for hundreds of years.

Humanity can be better than this. We are not perfect and never will be in this life, but we can’t claim that our religion is the only one that should be followed. While it is true that according to the Bible, “God is a jealous god”, He is that way because He expected His people, the Jewish people, to be His priests and representatives to the world! They failed at their calling and didn’t recognize their Messiah when He did come to them. God doesn’t blame them or anyone else for this or any of the other sinful ways that we live our lives, but when you feel a call or prompting from the Spirit, don’t push it or Him away! You may never get another chance at this.

Move away from the hate and anger and move toward Jesus. Give your life and your heart to Him while you still have breath in your body and the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life.


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