Living through life…

During our lives we all face heartache and suffering at one time or another. Loved ones don’t live as long as we would like them to and when their time is up, we miss them terribly. If our family ties haven’t been as tight with our parents, or our father or brother or uncles, then if something happens to them it may not hurt quite as badly, but we have missed out on a relationship nonetheless. Can we make sure that missing out on a family relationship doesn’t happen? Not really, which is unfortunate, because individual lives change in ways that we can’t know, especially as children.

I lived through a divorce when my parents went through it when I was five and six years old. They went through custody hearings and child support hearings during at least those years and maybe one more. I don’t remember much about those years except for school and the bickering between them on the phone. A young life shouldn’t be subjected to this, but it happens a lot in our country and in many other countries too.

Why am I bringing this up? Because life happens to all of us and it can be good and it can be not so good. The best part about my life, even with the stuff which happened early, was that my grandparents and my Mom were Christians and going to church helped a lot. My mother sang hymns at home and in the car sometimes, so I was exposed to her faith and the faith of my grandparents during a time when I truly needed it.

Life can be tough when you don’t have something to believe in which gives you strength, even though as a young person I didn’t understand the faith that they had or the Bible and the stories in it. I didn’t come to truly get religion and come to Christ until after my son was born. Why did I wait so long? Because I didn’t think that I needed Jesus or rather I thought that I already had Him, but I found out that I didn’t.

Going through the motions of attending church and reading some Scripture and singing hymns makes you “feel” religious, but being religious and being a Christian are very different things entirely. Seek Him out while you have time, today, because you and I are not guaranteed tomorrow.

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