What do you consider success?

For many people it is just bringing home a paycheck on payday and being able to pay the bills and put food on the table. This is what it is for many people in America and other nations around the world, no matter how much the check might be for. Success is different for many people. For some it is fame in the form of fans on YouTube today or even a part in a movie from Hollywood. For others it may be getting a job as a lawyer or accountant in a large firm and making a six figure salary. Still others may look at success as having your own business and doing a good job at what you do, regardless of the pay from your efforts.

There are many forms of success in life but the one that many people seem to forget about is whether they are prepared for eternity or not. Most of us are brought up and taught in schools that life begins when you are born and ends when you die, everything in between those two is a struggle of some kind or another. In some ways, this view of life is correct because life is a struggle although it isn’t the kind that we are taught in school. Our struggle is a spiritual one for our very soul, because our spirit and soul does carry on after our body dies. That is the destination, the end point that we are all going to come to realize is just the beginning of life and not an end.


If you look at this line very closely on a monitor, you will see that it is composed of hundreds or thousands of dots. Many people think that this line represents their life, but in reality only one of those dots is your life on Earth! The rest of them, on into infinity, are your eternity. Sobering thought isn’t it? Your success for real Life shouldn’t be bound up in just one dot, but it should look to the Savior Who can give you a real Life into Eternity. Even though it is true that your soul and spirit carry on even if you don’t accept Jesus’ gift of eternity and Life everlasting, it will be your true “second death”. Because you will be separated from God!

Your goodness on Earth is nothing, even if you were the most philanthropic person and gave away your fortune to the poor and you never lied or stole from anyone, you never committed adultery and you never hated anyone or killed anyone, and you honored your parents and took care of them. None of this counts at all toward your eternal life unless you have given your heart and your life to Jesus Christ! God loves each of us with a love beyond anything that we can imagine, but if we don’t accept His gift of Love through Jesus as the atonement for our sinful lives, then our life on Earth has not meant anything in God’s Kingdom.


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