Good days and bad days

You know about them, because we all have them. Sometimes they even get mixed up together with a day starting off one way and ending up on the other. I have days that begin and end that way sometimes and I am sure that you do too. So, what can we do about them? Sometimes we really can’t do much other than take medication or in my case read the Psalms. You know where it is in the Bible, everybody does. Why do I say that? Because for most Bible’s if you turn to the middle of the Bible, you are somewhere in Psalms.

You may be close to Psalm 95 or in some Bibles you will be at the beginning of Psalm 119, the longest chapter of any book in the Bible. I don’t say that meaning that it is hard to deal with, that particular Psalm has a lot of wisdom in it from the beginning to the end. Many people, especially today, discount the Bible as a book that has any meaning for today. They don’t think that it has any true or honest advice for anyone today, not in the 21st century.

A bad day can be depressing, or one in which you have a pink slip handed to you, or you have had a bad wreck and totaled your car and you or someone you love is in serious condition in the hospital. Many things can cause a bad day. Sometimes, you can just get out of bed, as my grandmother used to say, “on the wrong side” and your day may not get any better after that.

We need to get out of those “bad day attitudes”, God can bring you through it and give you strength enough to be the one that prays their way through a bad day. Don’t allow it to take over your day, put God in charge of your day from the beginning. Read Psalm 119, it will bring you out of a bad day. You can read the first twenty verses or so or you can read the whole thing during the day, but I can guarantee you won’t feel bad when you finish it!


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