So little time…

We all look at our lives as if they go on for a long, long time. But if you place your age or mine against say one thousand years or more, our lives are not long at all. So what have you done with yours? Have you made sure that every person in your life knows that you love them? Have you told those who you consider to be your friends, that you care about them? Have you done anything which will make a difference in somebody’s life in some way? Have you even thought about the impact that your life can have on others?

These are questions which all of us should think about but many of us just don’t. We don’t consider how much our lives can impact others. Some of us really don’t seem to care whether our lives have any impact on our friends or even our children, but what you say and do in front of them does have an impact. Sometimes it is for good and sometimes it isn’t, depending on what they see you doing or hear you saying, as well as how you say it.

Children especially take notice of the words that you say and how they are said. Occasionally, the words that you say have a far greater impact by the tone that is used rather than what you actually said. Also, they tend to look at how you said those words as well and most of us don’t think about this until the effect has already been made in their mind and in their being.

Truly the old saying about words not being able to hurt you is totally wrong! Yes, words can hurt and they can severely damage a person’s feelings about themselves as well as the way that they see you and maybe understand how you feel or how you don’t feel about them. Feelings can be hurt easily, people can be hurt just as easily and the damage can be severe even if you are only using words. Hurtful words, hate-filled words and actions, these are just as devastating as a bomb to people and their feelings. Particularly if those words are directed at children.

Life is hard enough without all of the anger and hate that is abundant in our world today. Much of it is being directed at people who are Christians and children hear this and they don’t understand the reason for it. It is confusing to them and it seems that nobody wants to attempt to explain why this is happening, especially today. Many are more worried about not offending some people or they are upset about a lion getting killed in Africa more than they are about the children being slaughtered in abortion clinics because a woman has a choice to have the child or not. Why not choose NOT to have sex until you are ready to be a mother? Go and have yourself sterilized if you don’t want children, instead of killing the child that you don’t want!

Yes, I have touched upon a few things in this tonight and not just one but today we can’t just have a one-sided view of life and that means that more than one evil needs to be addressed in the world and in our witness for God. God loves you and me, regardless of the sins that we commit but He hates the sins that we live in and commit in some way, day after day.

Jesus came into the world so that we could be pardoned from those sins and be able to stand in front of a Holy God with the righteousness of Jesus covering us rather than our sins being out in the open. God can’t look on our self-righteous rags because without the righteousness of Jesus, we are filthy in God’s sight.

Seek Him in the Bible and ask Him to come into your heart and cleanse you so that your name will be in the book of Life because that is the ONLY way that you can gain entrance into Heaven. Money, power, fame, jihad, none of these will get you into Heaven, depending upon them will guarantee your entrance into hell.


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