What will you do?

There are many problems in our world today. Not just over on the other side of the world, but close to home as well. Break-ins, looting, vandalism, rape, murder, the list goes on and on and on…seeming to have no end in sight. Why? Because, regardless of the wonderful speeches given and the promises made that have all been broken…we are in much worse financial shape than we were six or seven years ago. I am speaking of individually, personally but it is also true collectively for our country too. America is not respected any more. We are the butt of jokes and ridicule in many parts of the world today. Our once great country has lost its focus and its purpose because of our lack of a moral center. We don’t teach morality and good things to children anymore, because we have taken God out of the educational system entirely. People don’t seem to study or read their Bibles anymore either, and many that do complain that they don’t understand them or the rules are too harsh.

There is only ONE rule through the Bible from cover to cover…obedience. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27 Obey the Word of God, that is the only requirement in the entire Bible, God asks for and requires obedience. Does God love us..ABSOLUTELY. Then why does all of the bad stuff keep happening to people in the world? Because, Satan HATES us! Not only does God love us but it is because we are loved by God that Satan hates us so deeply, and in order to hurt God, he will cause diseases, death, misery, pain, wars, brutality toward each other. Satan’s existence is proof that God is real because you can’t have a perfect Creator without an opposite. If there is light, then somewhere there is darkness. If it is cold then somewhere it is hot. God is love and He cares for all of us because we are His creation, so Satan hates us just as strongly and would love nothing more than to keep you away from God! Satan will do anything and everything that he can do…that he is allowed to do, to inflict pain and cause people to doubt the goodness and love of God.

Why do I say this? Because it is true. He subjected Job to a disease which wouldn’t kill him, because God told him that he couldn’t take his life, but it was so painful as to make him to suffer for as long as God allowed it. Why? So God could prove Job’s loyalty to Him and to prove that Job was up to the challenge of Satan. Then, God restored his wealth ten times over and restored his family and gave Job a long life so that he lived over 140 more years after this.

God loves us and will prove it in your life, if you will obey Him and follow Him. He loves you anyway whether you return that love or not, and if He calls you into His Kingdom then you should answer. Don’t put it off and don’t disregard His call when you feel it. If you have been doing that for a long time, today or tomorrow may be the last time that you feel it. Jesus died to give you the chance at eternity in Heaven, all that you have to do is believe in Him and His sacrifice, asking Him to save you and forgive you and then repent of your sins and turn away from the things which have kept you from Him all this time. He will give you strength and the courage to get through every day, one day at a time.

Consider it before it is too late.


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