What the rest of the world will do

follow ChristThis picture and the caption which goes with it says it all. If we don’t teach our children about Jesus Christ and tell them of His love for them and pray with them, then the world and their teachers in school won’t do it. They would rather teach them alternative ways of getting to Heaven when there is only ONE way and that is through belief in Jesus Christ! None of the religions that are on the stage today that you see in the news or on TV will get you into Heaven except your belief in Jesus Christ and your submission to Him by asking Him to come into your heart and your life and change you.

When that happens, you are a new creation! You are a born-again child of God! There is no wondering if or maybe I am saved, you just are.

God loves you and has loved you since before the world was created by Him. He knew exactly what was going to happen, who was going to fall, the date that it would happen on, the day you and I were born and He is the only one Who knows when you and I will die. Many times people wonder about their life and how it would turn out one way or another. The best part of being a child of God is that your life, if you determine to follow Him every day, can be a joyous life! It may not be one filled with lots of money and fame, but you won’t go hungry. If God takes care of the birds of the air and the grass in the field, He will take care of you.

The rest of the world will chase after money or power, fame or fortune or both or maybe even all of them at once. But, what will all of those things do for you if you are diagnosed with cancer or have a heart attack? Money can pay your bills and get the best doctors, power can aid you in your recovery to an extent, but if the cancer is terminal and there is no treatment which will send it into remission, what then? God is the only One who could heal your heart of its emptiness and heal the cancer too. He may choose to do so by bringing you into eternity, but if you have accepted Him as Savior, then you will be whole and free of pain and disease forever! Money can’t do that, neither can fame or power and you certainly can’t take any of that with you when you die.

Your salvation may have an effect on your family if you do it before you die so they can see it. That is the only time you will have to make that change in your life, before you die. Because once you take your last breath here, you will be there to give account of your life and your choices in that life. Make sure your choices are made before your last breath, preferably long before so that you can show others that Jesus is the Way to eternal life. Even if it is only one day or two, it could truly make a difference in someone else’s life and then they might make a difference too. Your life and your example can touch many people so make the change a good one and follow Jesus.


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