What is happening in our country?

Has anyone noticed? Does anyone in America care about what is happening here? I am not blasting equality between gays or straight people or between the so-called “races”. What I am talking about is that we are losing our freedom in the very country that has been the light of the world as far as freedom was concerned. Now, one by one we are beginning to lose our freedoms a little bit at a time and it seems that nobody is noticing. This is something that has been foretold, whether you believe it or not. This is the part of time where things are getting worse, from the wars and problems and real troubles and it is happening right now!

People seem to not pay attention to the Bible and the parts of it which prophesied about this time and I don’t understand it. Likely it is because there are so many people don’t believe in God let alone the Bible which is His Word! This blog is about living well and successful and God wants you to be that way and being the person that He wants you to be is the best way to do it! Every part of your life, good or bad, regardless of how bad your life is or was, it can be far better with Jesus in it!

I have told my congregation before about this very thing, but it is so much more than that. People think that Christians and going to church is the way to go but it’s not. Yes being a Christian is great because you are in a relationship with Jesus, the Son of God! Thinking that you are a Christian because you went to church or because you go to church and you look the part, that doesn’t work at all! Going to church or to a Temple or some other worship house is not the answer at all! That building is not going to fix anything with your soul, only a relationship with Jesus Christ can do that!

The relationship which you have to decide to get into if you feel the call of the Spirit is the only real fix for the problems which we all have. It is true that you aren’t required to make a commitment to Christ, it isn’t mandatory and nobody is going to take your head with a sword if you don’t. But…if you choose not to do it, then your life won’t change to become the life that God knows you can have, the life that you should have in Jesus. Having a relationship with Him is the cure for many of our problems in this world, not the courts, not the government, not the drugs and alcohol that many people turn to when their lives are messed up. The cure for our problems and the hope of our future is in Jesus Christ and no other!


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