Quotes, from who?

I have noticed that some blogs include “inspirational quotes” from people from all walks of life. While this is nice and commendable, our lives can’t be based upon the words and thoughts of other people. Inspiration which comes from people who are just as flawed and helpless in many situations as we are really doesn’t help much, unless they are pointing us toward the One Who can help in all situations.

People just like us. Sure, the writings which I put up on the web are from me, but most of the wisdom that I have, came from God’s Word, not from my own thoughts. It seems odd to me that we will listen to every speaker, every writer in the world spouting all sorts of “wisdom” about things which many of them don’t have a clue about.

Many of their words actually come from other self-help books or articles which they have read, and then they re-word them into their “wisdom” to be repackaged and sold to others. What good is being done with that?

Many times when I have been drawn to a self-help book, it was to find out what some person thought of a particular situation. When I read it though, what I find most often is wisdom from the Bible that has been humanized and homogenized to the point of being looked at as the “writer’s” words instead of God’s. Mostly, the words from these books have been changed or filtered through the publishers so that they are acceptable to a majority of people, in other words they are politically correct for our time and as inoffensive as possible.

Quotes from the Word of God are offensive because they point out our weaknesses and our pride in ourselves. The Bible shows us where we fall short of being perfect.

No, we can’t be perfect in our lives nor is there anyone in the world without any blemishes or spots in their character or their physical body but through living our lives as Jesus did and seeking Him and His wisdom out in the Bible we can be as perfect in character as we can be. The wisdom and knowledge found in God’s Word is far more valuable than much of the education that you can find in schools these days, but many are rejecting it because of its offensive message. Even though it is not offensive to Christians or to the Jews, the Bible has many things to say about our current world and it is that which offends many today.

Quotes from famous people like C.S. Lewis or Mark Twain are great up to a point but God has more wisdom about us and our lives than either of these literary giants. Much of what Mr. Lewis wrote about was specifically about becoming a Christian. He began his career as an atheist and yet, in trying to refute much of the wisdom in the Bible he became a believer. Many other famous writers have become believers because of their attempt at refuting God’s Word or trying to prove that He doesn’t exist.

There is more proof in a thimble of pond water that God does exist than what would prove evolution.

Many in our culture today try their best at bringing our personal work or our efforts into the equation of salvation. They really are trying to humanize it, and yet Jesus said “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.”
(John 15:5)

There truly is nothing which we can add to salvation which is already perfected in Christ. All that we would be doing is mucking it up and failing miserably in our calling which is trying to show people Who our Savior is! Live your life and your salvation in accordance with Him, attach yourself to Him as the Vine. Seek Him out in all that you do every day, in doing this you will find peace and eternal life.

Consider this and seek Him daily!


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