Living successfully by faith

Successful living can be done by many, in many ways. Learning and pursuing a lucrative position or skill can help you to live successfully by the world’s standards. You can have money, fame, fortune, mansions, and cars…all of the trappings of a successful life. Have you ever wondered why so many “successful” people have to go to drug rehabilitation programs? Why do many have to go through programs to help them to beat their addiction to alcohol too?

If you were to ask them their reasons for these addictions, there would be only one reason given and that is because they felt that something was missing in their life. There was an empty feeling, even with everything that they have. Why do you think that might be?

The reason is simple, if you look for it in the right place. It can’t be found in a bar or in a bottle of pills or alcohol which is why those things never satisfy. Seeking satisfaction in money will only bring stress and heart trouble and possibly ulcers. Seeking to satisfy your craving to fill that empty space with lovers or drugs will only end in your death. Two things which are never satisfied, or maybe three: death, hell and the grave. Not one of these is ever full enough to cry out, “Enough!”.

A successful life can be lived happily and humbly by seeking God in the Bible. Learning about Him through study and prayer and seeking out His Son, Jesus by faith. This is the only path that will give you true satisfaction and peace in your life. No other way exists which will lead you in that direction, certainly nothing made by man can do it. No amount of money can buy a key which will open the gates of Heaven, only the acceptance of the grace offered to us through Jesus by God will do that.

Yes, this post is about your salvation because God loves you. Whether you are successful in this life and by the world’s standard or not, He loves you. You can do for His Kingdom something which nobody else can do and He will show you that path to eternal success. The success which I speak of doesn’t end with this life because our life is only a puff of smoke compared to eternity!

Consider the dot (.) that you see there. Then stretch a line from it all the way to the other side of our solar system. That dot or period as it is called represents your life in its entirety, that line which stretches for nearly nine billion miles represents only a fraction of eternity! Why would you want to concern yourself with such a tiny part of your existence when there is so much more ahead of you?

If you live your life chasing rainbows and never find the time or a reason to give Jesus a place in your heart, then your eternity will be very different. It will be spent totally isolated from God and His love, in a darkness so complete that it will be painful and agonising. Yet you will have eternity to think about the times that you heard His message and maybe even felt moved to accept it…but you didn’t.  Why? It would’ve been so easy to make that decision, so simple even a child can do it and yet many people just don’t.

Some today are being called by Jesus just as Saul was on the Damascus road and they are answering that call. It will put their lives in danger, but they are doing it anyway. Why? Because, Jesus is the answer that everyone is looking for! They just don’t know it yet.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in Heaven.


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