Christian apology for what?

You know, the last few days I have seen more words and photos of Caitlyn Jenner than I care to. But, why should any Christian apologize for anything said about “her”? Many people say that we are too bigoted to voice our opinions on matters like trans-gender people and their proclivities.

It is not my way to tell you that she/he is living in sin, although God looks at it that way. Why? Because He made Bruce Jenner as a MAN, and honestly if you can’t handle the way you are when you are born with it then go to a monastery or something! When Bruce/Caitlyn dies one day, guess which one is going to be standing in front of God? Bruce will stand before God,  because that is how he was sent to Earth by God, as a man. This creation or whatever you call it that is on the cover of magazines and TV, is man-made and will not last.

I know that some of you may go along with this and agree with what is happening today. But, God doesn’t. He loves Bruce just as he was and as he is, but the changes that the world can see are just sophisticated make-up and chemicals and maybe some surgical procedures mixed in.

How about if you went to a dealer and bought a Ferrari one day, all customized just the way that you wanted. Before it was delivered to you, they changed it into a Ford (on the outside), with the engine and everything of a Ferrari, how would you feel? Would you want your money back? It is still a Ferrari, but it doesn’t look like one.

The same is true when we think that we are or want to be something different. If I wanted some DNA from a leopard so I could have spots and fur, today technically it is possible to do that. But, what are you after the procedure? Are you human, leopard, hybrid? Taking enough hormones to make a male to female transformation is fine, in theory, but what happens when the medication doesn’t work anymore? If you get cancer because of it, can you reverse it? How would the treatment for cancer affect your transformation?

Much of our genetically modified organisms in the grocery market have been approved for human consumption, but what does that modification do to those who eat it later in their lives? What about all of the GMO corn or wheat or soy beans which have been planted in the world? What kind of damage will they inflict on us? Has anyone even tested this at all? At an independent lab that is not controlled by the chemical or seed company?

All of these changes, chemical, biological, or cosmetic in some ways are OK, but what about the long-term effects? What about the effect that it can have on our society as a whole? These are the questions that should be asked and answered before the procedures and the changes are done not as an afterthought later when the problems arise.

Should Christians apologize for comments made about Bruce Jenner’s transformation? That depends upon the comments. If they were hurtful and mean, then yes they should apologize. If they were pointing out how God would look on this and how it would be viewed from that standpoint then they don’t owe an apology to anyone. God’s viewpoint on things like this, even though it isn’t lined out in Scripture, would be that it shouldn’t be done. How do I know this?

Because God made us male and female for a reason, how you feel about your gender doesn’t and shouldn’t have any bearing on your life. Seek out God’s point of view by reading His Word and prayer and meditation. God doesn’t like sinful decisions whether they are concerning a lifestyle or a feeling that your body should have been another sex entirely. He created you the way that you are, the way that you were born to be.


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