How can I say this?

Many people seem to watch and read posts on Facebook, and then some don’t. Some people even pay attention to blog posts, and some find them by accident. Is there anything to say or write which will get people’s attention without pictures of naked women or blood and guts accompanying it?

Life is more than these things. Living is more than this and yet today it seems that many people just can’t get by without it, whatever “it” may be.

God put us here to take care of this world initially and we have really screwed that up in the time that we have been here. Is it possible for us to work our way back into His loving arms and His grace? Can we be forgiven for all of the sinful ways that we live today? The thoughts that we have and the idols which we have created are also causing problems in our world, because we act on them in ways that we shouldn’t.

The answer for the first question is no, we can’t work our way back. God never did abandon us, He provided a way for our forgiveness through Jesus’ sacrifice. We have actually been forgiven for our sins, through Jesus Christ and His crucifixion and resurrection. The only thing that we are in need of doing is to believe in Him and ask His forgiveness and repent of those sins.

Living through this life is more than the stuff that we see and do every day. We are supposed to be better than we are and be more like Jesus. Yet, many people today seem to think that it isn’t their job to be like Jesus, that they can’t do it so they just don’t want to attempt it.

Life is not just Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or some other form of social media. Life is living every day as if it may be your last day. Doing what you can for someone because you can do it, not in order to get something in return. Loving others like Jesus did is not something that we are able to do on our own, but with His strength and His ways ingrained in us through study of the Bible and prayer..we can be more like Him.

Learn about Him through study of the Bible, not just going to church a few times. Pray about what you read and ask Him to reveal His Wisdom to you so that you can use it in your everyday life. Don’t be a Christian in name only, but all the way down to your heart.


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