Who has the most influence in your life?

To answer that question some of us would have to think pretty hard. Some of us wouldn’t have to think about it at all. Usually, the people or person which has the most influence in our life is usually your immediate family, mother or father or both. Depending upon which you have the most contact with. I said it that way because of our culture today, since many children have grown up in broken homes from divorce in the past. I did and many others have too.

The type of influence that your parents had or even your grandparents had in your life can build you up or tear you down regarding your self-esteem. But, it also depends on how you perceive the words which are being said. How you decide to take the words into your conscious mind and what you do with the feelings once you have heard them.

Words, regardless of the rhyme that we have all heard, can and do hurt you and me. They are very much like bullets fired from a gun, once the words have come out of your mouth you can’t get them back and the damage caused by them, sometimes, cannot be undone. This also applies to words written on social media sites, this cyber-bullying that is happening all over the world today. It is actually worse than the bullying that we endured as kids in school because people who really don’t know you will take it up and continue it.

Words from friends, family and online friends do hurt and in many ways can hurt more because the words online NEVER go away entirely. Unless a site admin decides that it needs to take them down, things online will exist as long as the Internet itself.

There is always a bright spot to every dark area of life though, regardless of how dark you might perceive it to be. The Word of God has many encouraging Scriptures that can elevate your mood and your feelings of worth. Why do I remind you of this? Because God knows you! He knows exactly how He designed you to be and what you are truly capable of doing, so He never lets you down and is always there with you.

He loves you with all of your warts and your troubles and fears and hang-ups because He knows what a beautiful person you really are on the inside, where your heart and soul live! It doesn’t matter what is on the outside, that everyone else sees, because God sees the REAL you! And, He loves you so deeply that He sent His Son to die for your sins so that you could come to Him and allow Him to heal all of your hurts and your pain and make you new and fresh all over again!

This is the best and most intense love that we can be the recipient of and it is the love that God wants to share with each of us, if we will obey His leading and seek Him. He pursues us at times, especially when there is a job that He wants us for and He knows that we are the one for this job. I tried to run from His pursuit once, of course it didn’t work, He just put me through a test that eventually brought me around to the place that He wanted me to be in.


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