Is there a purpose to your life?

Originally, I was going to ask if there is a purpose to your faith but I realized that not everyone who reads this has faith in anything or anyone besides themselves. Regarding that kind of life I would have to say that you have your own purpose, your own agenda and your own path to follow. Life always has a purpose, regardless of the life that you live, good or bad, moral or immoral, religious or not. Our lives have a meaning and a purpose. Sometimes it is a bit hard to find that purpose, like my life for instance. It took me nearly fifty years to finally find my way…to find the “thing” that made me want to get up every day and feel as if I have a purpose.

I did have some inkling or idea about my purpose before this, but it didn’t become concrete solid until I was nearly fifty years old (or young depending upon the way you look at it). I had been through many, many different jobs before this time, but none of them really felt like they fit me. I never would’ve thought that being a spokesperson for people and for God could possibly be my calling, my purpose in life. When I was much younger and even when I went back to school in my thirties, I hated speaking in front of people. I was ever so glad when I finally finished my Speech 101 class and those speeches never lasted much over three minutes!

Your purpose in life is to glorify God, your Creator. Simple, but true. Once you can take that into your life and your heart, then you can begin to make sense of the rest of your life. It all falls into place. Some people find this early in their lives and some don’t find it until later, sometimes much later. God is the Creator of all, believe it or not, and one day everyone will see and understand this. Some will leap for joy at His coming and some will feel guilt and shame because they didn’t get it or they didn’t want to believe it while there was time to do so.

What about you? What will you do?


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