Politically Correct

The fringes of our society, whether it is religious beliefs regardless of the religion, Christians, atheists, and the media too have been doing this for a very long time and that is pushing political correctness. By correctness I mean that you cannot offend ANYONE and this has been taken and is being taken to a point of shackling people in the way that they interact with each other in any and every way! Why is this happening?

Everyone has a personal opinion on every subject, regardless of its religious meaning or not, and yet in our society today if you hurt the feelings of just one half of one percent of the people in America, then you are wrong! You are mean and bigoted and cruel! Why are we being this way? At first it was being politically correct about race and sometimes religion, now it seems that every belief or nationality or lifestyle falls under this “PC” umbrella.

Nobody can say anything negative about anything, unless you are a comedian then you can do whatever you wish or say whatever you wish and nobody will get really upset about it. But, if you happen to be a Christian and you say something which refers to your faith or your beliefs, then EVERYONE is ready to hang you on a cross for whatever you said! As long as your faith is something other than Christianity, then you can say whatever you please and it will not offend anyone.

Why is it that any time someone claims to be a Christian, every word and gesture and every belief that comes from them is scrutinized to the nth degree? It doesn’t matter if they own a business or not, but if they do then that business is very likely to be boycotted or sued because of the beliefs of the owners, especially if they take a true stand for their beliefs. If they are Jewish and don’t open their business on Saturday, the traditional Sabbath for their faith, nobody notices.

If they happen to be traditional Muslims, and they own a restaurant, no one says a word about the absence of bacon or pork dishes.

Political correctness has gone and is going too far in our country, but the only group of people who seems to be targeted is the Christian faith and their beliefs. As long as you are not a fanatical (believing) Christian, one who actually believes what your faith teaches, then very few people will say anything to you. If you only go to church once or twice a month or even just on holidays and you don’t tell anyone that you are a Christian, then nobody will say a word to you about your faith.


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