I am feeling down again…

I know that this is supposed to be a site for uplifting posts and helpful articles but I also began this journey while I was depressed last year. Well, it is beginning again. I have been praying about this and reading my Bible, especially the Psalms, every day and that helps but sometimes Satan just hits a little bit harder. I know, some of you may not even believe that he exists in our world, but I assure you that he is here and his helpers, powers, demons, whatever you want to call them are here too.

All of them hate us because we are loved by God and we have been created in His Image. Because of those two things, we have legions of demons and principalities which are bound and determined to stop us from being or becoming Christians, especially bold, praying Christians! Those of us who read and study our Bibles and pray are the ones that get hit with diseases and disabilities many times and if it isn’t us, then it is our family members who get them. Anything to distract us from doing God’s work, like I am doing right here.

I don’t know how much longer my hands will work to do this, so I am trying to keep going as long as possible. Please pray for me and my health and my family’s health as well. Prayer does more than most people realize and it really is felt by those who are being prayed for. Thank you in advance.

Our world and our culture is under attack by Satan’s forces. They can’t be seen or felt, except when they cause a problem in your health or your body or even in the area where you live. But, they are behind the violence and gangs and drugs and all other sorts of evil in our world, so be aware that mankind is evil but with the assistance of Satan it multiplies ten fold or more.

We need as many people as possible praying for peace and for wisdom in the days and weeks ahead. Not just for us individually, but for our governments and those who are in offices of importance, like our President. Yes, I have heard that there are some who hope that he will be killed overseas, but God placed him where he is so ask God to open his eyes and prick his heart to turn to Him for guidance and wisdom during this dark time.

God will get me through this time, no matter what happens. But, we need to be praying for our neighbors, our friends, and our co-workers and each other. Study God’s Word and pray that you will gain His wisdom from it so that your life and your decisions will be guided by Him in the coming days. Life itself is going to be tough and we need to keep our spirits filled with His Word and wisdom so that we will see Him when He comes in the clouds.


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