InspirationWhat would you do in your life to inspire someone? Could they look at your life and see an inspiring life or story? Why don’t we try to be the inspiration for the next generation that is coming along instead of being people that nobody wants to be like? It seems that many of our young people today don’t have much to inspire them.

The cops are being arrested for pushing drugs and stealing. Guys in all kinds of sports are being arrested and tried for murder, violence toward their fiancé or their spouses, and then there is drug abuse charges for many who have been an inspiration in the past. How can kids grow up with an idea of who they should be if we as parents, teachers, police or sports figures don’t give them an example to follow?

What is it in the world that separates us? Money, power, greed, hunger, religion, the list could go on and on. Many people say that it is race but that isn’t it. We all belong to the human race, Homo sapiens, we just have different skin tones that’s all. Our biggest separating factors are culture, religion, and wealth or lack of wealth!

In today’s world, those factors create huge walls between us, nationally as well as individually. At times, it seems that it happens every day, these walls are impenetrable and unlike the walls of Jericho they don’t easily come crashing down. Of course even those walls wouldn’t have come down without the help and assistance of God. Which is where we should be looking for help in our existence to tear down these walls which cause so much hate and distrust between us.

The other problem is that Satan wants these walls to stay there. Because if they are still in place, he and his cohorts can use them to cause more hate and distrust and add to the thickness and height of the walls. If we don’t draw closer to God and seek His wisdom and strength in our lives, these walls will never come down! Pray that the Christians in this country and around the world will be working to bring these walls down by His power and might!


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