How do you live?

This is a question which I have never asked of myself let alone anyone out in the world or on the web. So, I will try to come into this with an answer for you that makes some sense, at least to me.

I live in a rural community in the middle of a Southern state. I am a Caucasian with a family tree which goes almost back to the original colonies, although I believe that my ancestor came over as an indentured servant from what I can determine at least. Not that it makes any difference in how I view the world today, since my ancestor and those that they or he served was over three centuries ago. The past is fine to look into and wonder about, but it cannot dictate your life today and it shouldn’t. Even the time in which I was born, the first years of the ’60’s, is foreign to us now because that is over fifty years ago. A different time and culture, even in the South.

Time makes a lot of difference in how people view the world and the history which happened in our past. From the recent decades all the way back to the founding of the American colonies. Yes, there have been many mistakes and wrong turns in many countries all over the world, but with wisdom and the knowledge that we glean from learning about real history, not altered or manufactured history, we can determine to do better in the future.

Life itself causes us to work through our days and weeks and months and years, one day at a time. Just as we learn about life, one day at a time. We don’t see the future and it seems that many are trying to erase or change as much cultural history in our past as they can. Why? The different cultures are what make us unique! It doesn’t matter if two millennia ago they were worshipping a different god than we do now? Getting rid of antique and irreplaceable sculptures and artifacts will not correct history to what you wish it to be, but it will destroy art that cannot be replaced.

How can you live in a world where the culture that is trying to dominate and take over the world is also trying to reshape the world’s history to suit its own ends? Life can teach us many things but destruction doesn’t teach anyone anything except how to remove the past from view. What is left is dust and fragments of a cultural period which will never return and we can’t duplicate even today. How would many of the world’s people feel if someone dropped a bomb on Mecca or on Jerusalem which would destroy all of the cultural and religious artifacts contained in those cities? What about the destruction of the pyramids in Egypt?

These are cultural and world history sites which cannot be replaced, much like the ones from ancient Babylon which were destroyed recently. These are not idols to be worshipped, just cultural icons and sculptures which could be studied today. Yet, they are rubble now.

Your life and mine may not be impacted much by these lost cultural icons, but the world will be different in some aspects. Hate on this scale is infectious and it seems to be spreading in many parts of the world and it has made its way to America too. We are in for a rough ride in the next few years. Pray about your own salvation, read God’s Word and learn the wisdom in it. We, as human beings, are in this together. Different cultures and religions may be separating us along lines which are blurred in some ways and crystal clear in others. Find common ground and work toward it, regardless of your skin color or your religion.



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