Sugar coatings don’t get you to Heaven

Have you noticed that there are some preachers on TV that don’t tell you the whole truth, they try to make things seem to be OK and politically correct. I have noticed that some don’t say anything about us being sinners at all. Yet, there are so many people in America who don’t claim any religion at all, sugar-coating or not.

Belief is another matter. Most people seem to have some type of belief even if they claim to be atheists. Belief in a higher power seems to be growing, even though many won’t claim to know what higher power they are referring to. In life there is no moral absolute they say, we are our own gods and we control our existence. Really? Then, why are there so many health issues and hair color products and plastic surgeons today? I mean, if you are your own god, you should be able to choose your hair color or get rid of your own wrinkles and your health problems, right?

Sugar coating the message, regardless of what type of sugar it might be, is not the answer to mankind’s problems. Ignoring our mental problems or societal problems doesn’t make them go away and neither does glossing over our weaknesses. Yes, mankind is a spiritual being and we are linked to a plane of natural existence while we live but that doesn’t mean that we ignore the past.

The past being our historical roots. Regardless of the pronouncement that this country isn’t a Christian nation, it is and always has been. It was founded by a group of people who were escaping persecution for their beliefs in their home country so they decided to begin fresh in a new country. They didn’t sugar coat their messages and if you read any of the sermons from the colonial period, they were pretty fiery.

In many religious meetings today, we need more fire if for no other reason than to wake people up. Living a life of ignorant bliss, not knowing the Truth of the wisdom contained in the Bible or in some cases just not caring about the Truth, while it won’t endanger your life here and now it will have repercussions in the life to come whether you believe in that life or not. Just as I have written before, not believing in something won’t get rid of it, so we need to truly face the facts whether we like it or not.

People who were persecuted for their faith in the past, by the Catholic church and others, did not give up their faith in Jesus or the message that they received because they knew it to be true. No one is going to die, sometimes horribly, for a lie unless they believe it to be an absolute truth. That belief has to be ingrained into their heart and soul for them to be burned or otherwise tortured to recant or disavow what they believe.

Turn to Jesus and seek the Truth in the Bible. This is the only Truth that has stood the test of time. God allows Satan a bit of freedom to persecute the church and others in this world so that questions like this come up, but God is still in control.


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