A life well lived

What can you say about someone’s life when it comes to an end. If they have lived a long life, you can say that they have truly had a great run of it in some respects. If they are not so lucky and they have come to the end by some strange accident or even something which is incurable at a young age, then you think, “Man, they died so young? What happened?” A very strange way to begin a post about living successful, I know, but sometimes it just has to be talked about.

Life is funny that way. You get to live a long time and have a life that is almost like having a “Midas touch” where everything or almost everything just works. Then, there are some of us, the normal people, who make mistakes almost on a daily basis and never seem to get much right at all. A life well lived is actually where all of the normal people spend their time actually. It is also something…a place which doesn’t get any “air time” because you are so normal. Nobody seems to care what happens to you or your family until something actually does happen and even then, if the crisis is over too soon, nobody cares.

Your family cares and maybe your church cares for a little while, but after a few months everyone moves on and nobody asks how your health is any more because simply, “NO ONE CARES!”

That is where I am right now. My depression is creeping back in and I am beginning to hate my life again because apathy has come home and taken root in our house and our extended family. The problem seems to be that this seems to have an effect on absolutely nobody except me. I am the only one who seems to notice and I feel like a wimp or a cry-baby, but that is what depression does to you.

It makes you feel as if you are worthless. Like you don’t matter and that nobody cares about you or your life! The problem with this is that it is a LIE! God does love us, each one of us, regardless of the huge size of the universe and our tiny, microscopic place in it! He knows where we are and why He put us where we are. Our place and our reason for being here are important to God, the Creator of it all! Isn’t that GREAT!

Yes, many people see this as a cop-out or a crutch to lean on, but that is not the way that I see it. Think about it like this: The Creator of EVERYTHING knows you and me and He knows exactly where we are, what we are doing and what we are capable of doing! We matter!! If you look at a model of the universe from the limits of our telescopes, you can barely see the galaxy that we live in, let alone the solar system and the star! So why do we matter to God?

Because He said that we do and because this planet is the one place where He has decided that His attention should be. Why? I don’t know, ask Him! Yes, there are trillions of other planets out there that He could’ve paid attention to, but He chose here and He chose to create mankind on this one. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be another race created in the future on another world, but right now the one that we know about is ours. God loves us and all of creation on this world. He takes note of the birds of the air and every other life on this rock in space. Why? Because He is God and He can do whatever He wishes to do.

I apologize for the down nature at the beginning, but that is how today has been for me. Sometimes it takes a little writing to pick myself up and start over from the place that I am supposed to be living, not the one that Satan is trying to get me to live in.

Thanks for listening and I hope that it might help you too.


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