Live victorious!

Your life and mine are tangled up in life and all that it brings with it. The bills, the worries and frustration of daily life, running from here to there and barely being able to cope with it all. Life is tough, but it is also beautiful and full of hope.

Victory can be yours over many of life’s problems, you just need the right team to work with. Some can find it in a team which you have worked with for a long time like police departments or at a fire station. But, many of us don’t have that camaraderie in our everyday lives. We long for the fellowship and close-knit ties of friendship that comes from shared experiences and trials, but most of the time it is out of our reach. Because we are all different. Everyone doesn’t want to be in a department, even though we like the idea of having close ties with others like they seem to have.

That is what fellowship is for. Nobody can be alone for their entire life, it isn’t natural nor is it healthy. We all crave a little “alone time”, but for an extended period it is not a good idea. This is why our inner self or your soul craves the Presence of Jesus. Whether you believe in Him or not is not the point. There is always a spot inside you that you have felt that something isn’t right, like something is missing and until you find out what goes there and fix it then it will always be an empty feeling.

That is where seeking Him out comes into play. If you feel that emptiness and long to fill it, seek Jesus out. Even if you aren’t part of a church or a family that believes in Him, seek Him anyway because when you are looking for Him, He will find you. He is always close by, waiting for someone to ask Him to come into their lives. The problem in our world is that there is another who is also waiting, ready to provide a counterfeit of Jesus in your life too.

Seek out the company of a believer or a church, get into the worship service and read the Bible. Pray for God to show you what you need and He will do just that. This is the way to a complete life, one that is fulfilled and on the way toward a future in eternity and one with a True purpose. Give your heart and life to Jesus and He will give you a passion for Him and a purpose to show others what you have found and Who you found.


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