I have been away for a while

My absence from here may not be missed much, but I have been busy with the holidays and with my other blogs as well. Since God pulled me from the pit of depression through the reading of the Psalms this year, I am reminded that we truly serve an AWESOME God!!!

He cares for each of us far more deeply than we could realize and we should praise Him every day for it. My reason for this post is a disturbing trend that is happening in our schools and colleges and in the home as well, although people won’t admit it. It seems that our young people from the age of fifteen to thirty just haven’t been taught about the faith that we should have in God and the foundation of our faith in Jesus.

How did we get into such a predicament as this? Mainly because our collective faith in God has waned to such an extent until young people don’t see a reason for it or for Him any more. In some churches, they don’t see His influence in the congregation or in the church itself, there are words said at the morning service but there seems to be no spiritual power behind them.

It seems as if the church, at least here in America, has lost its Spirit. Why would this happen? For the same reason that it happened to Israel…unbelief. Our society has been pushing God out of everyday life and out of the lives of children for over fifty years, so why would they or their parents have faith in a God that they see no evidence of, even though the world around us cries out with His glory every day!.

Creation itself speaks magnitudes of praise for God at night when we see the stars in the cosmos, when the sun rises in the morning, when a baby is born regardless of the species of baby it might be…all of these point to a Creator not to a theory! Yet, the theory is what children and young adults are bombarded with in schools and universities every day.

One day, sooner than many think or believe, Jesus will come again in the clouds and the world will see and they will understand that the beliefs that they have heard about Him are true. At that point in time though, it will be too late. ““Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.
” (John 14:1), Jesus said to His disciples.

We should live out our faith in our daily lives and in front of our children and grandchildren, so that they can see the faith that we have and why we live life that way. Think about this during the next year and bring your children up to know the Lord.


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