Success in life and business…

We all seem to want it, but the question is “How?” Not only do we want to be successful in business but we want that to translate into our lives as well. But, how can we do that? Many people see it as a numbers game: the more you make in business then the more your life at home will be enhanced and successful too, right?

Sometimes, that is true, but many times it causes more headaches and frustration which causes more problems at home and the snow ball of frustration and anxiety just gets bigger and bigger. How can we possibly get around the negative aspects of being successful in one area, and not so much in another? Is it even possible to have real success in business and have a happy, successful and frustration free family life too?

Many of you who have read my posts here would know the answer right away and that answer is: No. You can’t have it both ways UNLESS there is a balance in your life between the two. How can you achieve this mythical balance in life? Actually, it isn’t hard and it is your choice that makes the difference. The first step toward this is reading through the book of Proverbs, carefully and prayerfully. This is not a quick fix book nor is this a quick fix answer, if things are in deep do do, then I suggest an attorney and then the Bible!

Your life begins simply when you are a child. All that you need is provided for you by your parents. Then as you grow, you have more wants than needs and things begin to get a bit sticky at home and at school. Then, when you graduate from school (high school or college), you want more than you can comfortably afford sometimes and this causes more trouble. And, the cycle goes on and on…..

So, how can you break the cycle and get on the right path or track, if you will? You begin by starting the day with God’s Word. Pray and seek His wisdom for the day, before you smoke a cigarette or eat breakfast even. Start the day off with God and let Him have the better part of you that maybe hasn’t woke up good yet, but He knows where you are. Give the day and whatever happens in it to Him, good or bad, He is still in control. Maybe the deal that you were working on wasn’t the best for you and it fell through, God knows this so let Him provide you with a better deal tomorrow or next week.

But, you have to decide to let Him have the day and all of the stuff that happens in it, as I said, good or bad from your point of view, He is still in control. Many of us tend to pray to God and wait for a day or so, then tell Him to forget it and let me do it, just like a little child.

Be patient, but don’t ask for patience! God will teach you this lesson but I promise, you won’t like it at all. I did this years ago and I have been waiting for the blessings that I asked for ever since. Oh, He has blessed me with a little here and there, from my wonderful marriage and my family to my health, truly I can’t complain. But, I will never ask for that again, period.

God loves us, but many times when we ask for something He takes us at our word. He gives us what we ask for, sometimes, but thankfully sometimes He doesn’t! Your success in life depends upon what you put first in your daily life, and with all that is happening in the world today, God should be first before anything. I start my day off with a cup of coffee, then I read the Bible according to my yearly reading plan. Granted, I don’t start this at sun rise, but I do begin the day that way most days.

No, I am not perfect in that regard! I can’t tell you that every day it works out exactly the way that I just wrote it down, but I do try to get God’s Word in before anything major happens during my day. It does help, just try it and see.


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