How do you deal with it? Can we overcome it? There is a sickness in America today and it’s not on the CDC’s watch list nor is there some miracle drug out there for it with a list of side effects that would scare away the healthiest of us. This sickness is brought on each of us, in one form or another when we are children and it gets worse, gradually, as we get older. Unless it is stopped or cured or overcome in some way, this sickness can ruin not only your life, but the lives of your family and ultimately the nation itself.

What disease or sickness is it that is doing this to us with our own consent? So much so that our economy depends on it, thrives on it and cannot do without it…this sickness and disease is consumerism. It swells at all times of the year, depending upon the date and the holiday approaching or maybe a birthday or anniversary, then at times it reverses itself in the form of giving to a worthy cause or charity. Our society seems to thrive on its ebb and flow, but why? Why are we programmed this way almost from birth to be consumers?

Because, I think, we see nature around us and it seems that it is a natural part of the world. The birds and all other animals from the smallest to the greatest in size consume food, every day. God mandated that we have to eat and they do to, it is not a voluntary thing to do this. You either eat or eventually you will die, a very simple outcome. But, humanity consumes things, not just food but stuff that we can live without. For instance, how many shoes do you own? I have about seven to ten pairs of shoes, which isn’t much compared to some people, but you can only wear one pair at a time. How about dress shirts or pants, casual pants and shirts, the list could go on for miles. Then today’s consumer also has to have the latest in electronic gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers, gaming systems of all kinds, flat screen televisions (the larger the better), and yet what are these things for?

The phones, tablets and laptops and computers almost all serve the same function, so there is a massive redundancy there. You can use your phone as a way to keep in touch with your family, but my goodness there are so many ways to do so today! You can call, text, Skype, Face time, message through numerous ways, Facebook, and email family and friends all from your phone, your tablet, or your computer. Now, you even have smart TV’s which have wireless capability and you can do the same things with your TV as well.

What would happen to the world at large if we stopped buying stuff that we really don’t need? Just get the basic things like food, pay your water and light bill, maybe your phone bill and give up on consuming so much. For many people, this would be like living in hell! Would the economy collapse? Yes, it would dip quite a bit, but I think that we could live through it. I am not talking about going back to lamps that you light with a match, no electricity or running water, just trim down to the basic necessary things to live, not so much redundant gadgets or amounts of “things” in our lives. Is this possible today?

I am not sure. It wouldn’t be very popular, because so many people have grown so accustomed to “things” and “stuff”, until a sudden shift to living without all of our stuff would be a hard pill to swallow. The question is this: Could it be done?

Yes, it could, and I believe it will happen soon. But, it won’t be voluntary. When, not if, the world’s economy crashes down, and it will, everything will be cut off for a time…everything. Many people are going to be mad, angry, frustrated and upset over the situation. Many are going to die. The only way to be safe and secure in this will be to turn to God in faith. Ask Jesus to come into your life and give you the strength and the ability to live through this, to make it until He comes again. Only by His second coming will the world see that it has been wrong, that their way of life and living doesn’t help many people, it only hurts them in the long run.

Think about it. Seek God in His Word and pray because the time is near at the door that we will see the kind of strife described in Revelation.


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