There are no accidents

Your life is not an accident, it is not an accident that you are reading this. Your life is valuable to God! How wonderful is that? The Creator values your life and mine for who we are and what we can do for His Kingdom! Isn’t it wonderful that each of us is valued and loved by the Creator of the universe!

We need to know that life was planned by our Creator, not an accident, not random convergence of cells. God loves us and Satan hates us because of it, that is why there is bad stuff happening in our world today. God allows it, but He knows about it and all of it is part of the plan. Satan tries to make people believe that God doesn’t care, that our life doesn’t mean anything to Him and that He is not in control or that He is the One doing all of the “bad stuff”.

God has a purpose in all of the things which happen in our lives, good and bad, and He will cause them to work for our good. We may not be able to see the outcome right away, it may not happen for a while in our lives, but it will happen if you will follow Jesus and seek His will in your life. Satan is the one that uses our circumstances against our beliefs and causes us to blame God for them.

God loves you far more than you know all that you need to do is have faith in Him and choose to follow Him in your daily life. Things will work out for the best, because the best is what God has in store for us in His time.


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