Freedom, self-determination, choices = ?

In our history books, especially the ones taught from today, United States history is entirely different from what really happened. So, how did we get to the point of being a nation which is hated and despised in the world and at home? Why are we hated and despised at home and abroad? Are the people who hate us at home the same as the people who hate us in other countries? Maybe not ethnically or ideologically but philosophically, yes they are.

Our country, America, was founded on principles which come from God’s Word and that is one of the main reasons that many people around the world hate us. Not because we have a capitalist form of living and livelihood, but because of our faith in Jesus mostly. If this country had been founded by people who wanted to create the largest Muslim nation in the world, there would be no problem. It is our faith in God and His Son, Jesus which sets us and our nation at odds with every nation in the world except for Israel.

God ordained their existence and the land that they live in to be theirs and for them to be the people and the culture that they are and have been for about four thousand years! Our country was founded by people who were escaping religious persecution from their country to start a new life in a new country. Yes, there have been people in this country and others who have exploited people, both white and non-white, for different reasons. Some have even used the Bible to justify their actions and make themselves feel better while doing it.

But…America has also been an ideal, an idea that many people aspire toward, a standard to strive for, just as living up to the standard of Jesus’ life is something which most Christians try to live up to. Granted, we can’t live lives that are perfectly sinless but we can strive toward that goal so that  others can see us trying to do it.

Yes, America has stumbled and made some mistakes as a country, Christians stumble and fall too but we all have to get up and keep going…keep trying to do better, be better than our parents were. Is it possible? Yes, as long as we don’t push God completely out of our lives or out of our country!

The ideals that made this country great are not dead and the idea of America being a great country is not dead yet. Just as being a Christian is not an easy task nor a simple one, being an American is a choice as well. Working to make this country and our own lives better is something that we all should and need to do. Seeking the strength that we get from our relationship with Jesus is the way to be a Christian, one that is at least striving to be more like Jesus instead of tearing down the ideal, the idea of Jesus and Who He is.

Get into God’s Word and study it, read it, learn from it, because if we don’t do at least what the early Americans did by using His Wisdom in our lives and in our country’s government, then we might just need to open our borders, disband the military and all of the government offices and just shut down the government entirely. What will we have then? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to live here any more.


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