Things to do

What do you have on your plate today? Probably too many things like the rest of us I would imagine. Do you feel as I do on some days? Too few hours in the day to get everything done or maybe you have said yes to too many projects and now they are piling up?

I try not to do this, although some days it seems that my mood swings tend to make me feel as if I have too much to do and not nearly enough energy or time to do them. Depression can do this and it seems to wake up and enter your life at the most inopportune times. Of course we can’t schedule our feelings or how we deal with them, but we can rely on the One Who can help.

Is there something that you have been putting off? Something which is important and really would help in the long run, but when you think of it you really don’t feel like doing it? I have. My room where the computer and most of my other junk is a mess. I need to clear out about seventy percent of the “junk” that is in this room. But, every time that I consider doing it…for some reason, I get depressed.

Then, of course, I don’t feel like doing it! When that episode is over, then I get depressed because I didn’t get it done! What can I do to fix this? Right now, I am not really sure. You know, when this happens each of us looks at it very differently. Some of us will attack the room, throwing stuff out left and right, in order to finish it. Some will just pack it all away or take it to a dumpster just to get rid of it, which sounds like a good idea by the way!

Many days, I have issues like this and I can’t fix it! I can’t find the one thing which would take care of the problem that is inside my mind…that is bothering me the most. It is when these days come that I just want to scream! So, what can I do to fix this? Take a cue from the ant. When a pile of sand gets in the way, ants will pick up a grain at a time and each one carries it away. Where? I don’t know, but the point is that each one of them has a job to do, and they do it, and they keep doing it until the pile of sand is gone.

It is the same with our problems, no matter how big or cumbersome they may be, if we tackle them a little bit at a time then eventually the problem will be solved. Like, for instance, saving money or paying bills off! One dollar at a time, one payment at a time and eventually there is a pile of money saved up and at least one bill has been paid. Then, add the amount that you paid to the pile, and begin paying off another bill. Save, pay off, repeat as needed until the problem is solved!

Give it a try! I might even take my own advice and see how it goes. It should work well because it at least sounds good, hey?


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