Death and depression

Every day we all come into contact with the death of people, either in the news or a family member, sometimes even a friend. So how do you deal with the loss? How do you deal with the feelings of inadequate time to tell someone how you felt?

How can you handle the depression and loneliness that follows a loss like this? Many people can’t handle it. Handling it means that you can overcome it or even that you can get over it, but you can’t. Death, especially the death of a child or a close family member can almost paralyze you emotionally and physically. This can lead to more depression, and anger at yourself for not feeling what you want to feel or need to feel. The that anger turns on you and causes you pain because it adds to the depression and the circle begins again.

How can you handle these issues in life? Can you handle it alone? The answer is, no you can’t handle it, especially not alone!

So, what do I suggest that you do? First, seek out a partner, someone who you trust and that you can talk to. It doesn’t have to be a counsellor, but it can be a pastor or even just a good friend. The feelings that come to the surface at the time that you lose someone close to you are feelings that you may never have felt before. Pain, loss, fear, anger, and also numbness. You feel the numbness, the lack of feeling, the feeling that nothing matters and then comes the anger at being left to deal with this pain and loss. This is the time that you have to search out someone who can help you.

If you have spent much time in church during your life, then it is time to seek out God through a session with your pastor. You don’t have to tell him or her everything on the first visit, but seek them out and then seek out Jesus. If you already know Him as your Savior, great! He is there with you, comforting you through His Word. Read some of the Psalms, especially fifty-one and twenty-three. There is comfort in God’s Word, there is also healing. The Psalms got me through a time of depression, where I was considering suicide for no reason at all, that I could see or even feel. Yes, God can help, but only if you let Him and ask Him to.

Seek Him out, because He already knows where you are. šŸ™‚


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