Many opportunities

We all have many opportunities to make money or to leave a legacy for our family and friends, but do we take advantage of them? The previous post pointed to something which I believe will help, but very few people seem to be interested in it. Everyone it seems is looking for an easy way to make money or a “living wage”, yet nobody wants to work to get it. This also falls in line with our desire to feel better about ourselves and our spiritual relationships too. The only real gift that we have all been given is the gift of grace from God through Jesus so that we can be forgiven of our sinful behavior in life and start fresh and new! This has been preached to thousands of people for the past two millennia or so, yet there are only a quarter of the world’s population who seem to embrace it.

It is the same with medical or even mental treatments, there are cures for most diseases yet many don’t seek those cures until it is almost too late. In the case of mental illness, sometimes people cure themselves by suicide which is a very permanent cure, but one which you can’t live with.

Your life and mine are very different. Some of us lead a life with much to do on a daily basis, and some don’t. Some of you have jobs and responsibilities outside the home, so there are always things getting in your way of truly living a life of purpose. Will you decide on a life of meaning and purpose or will you just keep to your routine, going with the flow of traffic until it is time to find something else or until you retire? Consider stepping outside your box, your comfort zone and look for something that may just give you a purpose and meaning in your life. What have you got to lose except time?


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