Understanding…do we?

There are so many people talking today about a lack of understanding in our country, our culture and in the world but does anyone really understand what is going on behind the scenes or even in front of them these days? Some people claim to know what is going on because they watch the news and read some of it in newspapers or on the Internet, but do they really know what is going on? We all know or have heard from the biased news/media outlets whichever side of the “news” that they are promoting, but is that REALLY what is happening or is there something more going on behind the scenes that we aren’t being told?

For decades there have been hushed up plots or happenings which have either not been reported or reported as something else. This is just the way government works, no matter whether it is a democracy ,a theocracy or even in a socialist country. The world is different from the one that most of us grew up in, with the exception of the generation that is still under twenty. The ‘Net generation has never known a day without information of some kind being available twenty-four hours every day, whether they are at home or away.

Whether that information is the actual truth or not is suspect, because contrary to popular belief you can’t trust everything that is published on the Internet especially when it comes to news. Today, you can’t trust the national media either because they have an agenda too! So who can you really trust?

Jesus! The understanding and purpose that giving your heart and life to Him will empower you to get through your depression, your hard times, your bad days! He can give you the peace that you have been searching for all of your life. Yes, there are many people who are saying today, “Christianity is just a crutch for people who don’t want to deal with reality”. Well, God’s Word says that the world and all of its wonderful “stuff” is going to go away one day. He is going to make it all new again, and those who have not given their hearts to Jesus won’t be around to see it.

The Internet has many faces and facets, and many of these are very dangerous. The information and the things that are being taught in schools today is also suspect because most of it has been re-written to follow a certain “standard”, and that standard is not what was taught to your grandparents and great-grandparents. Truth today has been manipulated and massaged until it is no longer recognizable as what should be taught or preached to people, it is made into “politically correct” pieces so that nobody gets offended.

By the time the real truth is discovered it will be too late to do anything about the damage that it has caused in our world. Look to God’s Word, read it, pray about it because it is the Truth! Jesus did exist and He is coming again. He told His disciples that the end times would “be as it was in the days of Noah”, we are seeing the lawlessness and war now as it was happening in Noah’s day. Mankind has gone so far down the road away from God, until most can’t see or even find the way back to Him. The time is coming soon that people have dreaded for decades, the time spoken of in the book of Revelation.

Please, if you have felt a call in your heart, in your soul that you recognize as one from the Spirit…answer it and give your life to Jesus and allow Him to give your life back to you. He died for us all, no matter who you are or where you live, so please come to Him.

In His Service.


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