A new month, more problems

In our day-to-day existence we encounter many joyful and wonderful sights and sounds, but we also encounter heartache and pain at times. Not every day to be sure, but enough to make us realize that we are alive and that we can’t escape those parts of life. Is it possible that we are causing our own pain and suffering to be dumped on us or is it our circumstances which do this to us? In some ways it is a little bit of both. Let me explain what I mean.

We wake in the morning, some of us have aches and pains due to arthritis and some are blessed not to have this. Yet, if we have more than three decades of life accumulated, we will be a little stiff and creaky no matter how long we have exercised and sometimes it is a bit worse if we do exercise. Do you thank God for your life and for the grace to be able to get up this morning or do you just grumble about having to go to work again? Then we make our coffee or tea, grab a bite of something for our “breakfast” and then head out the door into the world wherever we go to work. Have you thanked God for your job and the benefits that it provides for you?

You see the main reason, that our joy is not constant and we have pain in our lives or assaulting our minds, is because we are not being thankful for the benefits of this life! I know that there are people in parts of the world where they are punished or threatened with death if they have faith in Jesus, but that usually causes their hope and faith to increase not decrease. Yes, there is suffering in the world but that is not caused by God. It is caused by Satan and his demons because they truly HATE us! We are made in the image of God and we are more privileged than angels and demons in His sight. God loves us because we are special to Him, although He loves all of His creation, for some reason He deemed us worthy of His unconditional love and only He knows the reason why.

Do you pray and ask for God to watch over you as you travel on the highway to and from work? I would, especially with people texting and talking on their phones ALL of the time! They may not be drinking but by doing just a simple thing as talking on the phone, they don’t have their attention on the road ahead or around them. Yes, I do pray when I am in a car, whether I am driving or if I am the passenger! What about when you eat your meals, do you thank God for the provision of food for your body? Even if it is something that is GMO, He had a hand in the process. All of the fruit and vegetables and meat that you may eat was and is provided by God for us each and every day.

Then, there are little things which we dismiss as unimportant most of the time. Like, being able to find a parking spot close to work or the front of the store when it is raining or finding your keys when you lose them. Even the wind and the shade provided by a cloud or two when you cut the grass in your yard is a blessing and a gift from God for you. Many of these small gifts are overlooked by us every day, but to realize that they are part of His plan for you is something which we all should realize. It doesn’t take much of a blessing for us to be a blessing to others, how much more do you think God wants to do for us if we will be thankful for it and recognize that it came from Him?

Think about it, and have a great Labor day holiday!


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