Pain causes suffering

How can you do this to me?! These are the words that people think when they are hurt by someone who they care about or love, but it happens. We hurt each other in many ways, sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes it is intentional but most of the time we hurt each other with words…careless words which cut and bruise deeply and the effect stays with you for a long, long time.

What can you do when the pain is caused by someone who is an addict? Whether it is drugs, prescription or otherwise, or even alcohol it is still an addiction. Yet, the words or actions that they can inflict on families and friends is permanent. Words can hurt you, regardless of what the rhyme says about sticks and stones. Depending upon who says them, they can leave a very lasting scar that never truly heals, no matter what has happened in the mean time.

The thing that you have to remember about addiction and pain is that they are temporary. Even though they may not feel that way at the time! And, they don’t feel temporary for sure, just as the depression and pain that comes after the high are real but they are also temporary. Why am I clinging to the fact that they are temporary? Because…life and what we have to endure in it is also temporary!

Oh, you may live to be 90 or 100, but compared to a millennia or more what is a century or less? Compared to eternity, what is a millennia…just a puff of smoke. The pain and suffering that some of us go through and experience in life doesn’t last long enough to turn toward anyone or anything except God…the True God of the Bible. Not a man-made god, but the real honest to goodness Creator of all.

The love of God toward you is more real and personal than anything that you experience from anyone on Earth, even your spouse or a good friend! He sacrificed His Son so that you can benefit from His pardon of any and all sins that you have committed. All that you have to do is accept it and believe it. No rituals, no amount of money and no special membership fees at all!

Think about it. Comment on it. Ask me questions about Jesus! He loves you more than you can realize and for no other reason except that you are here.


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