Not depressed but….

I did not feel good yesterday and it affected my body itself, not just my mood. It caused a “nervous stomach” which is what my doctor called it once or twice but it really was diarrhea. Thankfully, it didn’t last very long but it lasted long enough for me to have to cancel the service at my church, which I suppose is what the Adversary had in mind in the first place.

Yes, there really is a devil or Satan as he is referred to in the Bible and he does cause a lot of mental problems in Christians and non-Christians alike. Maybe not him directly, but his demons and spirits which he commands but they do his bidding all over the world. Now, I am not speaking of demon possession, I am talking of diseases, cancers, mental illnesses of all kinds which can be caused by spiritual forces, demons, powers, principalities or whatever you want to refer to them as. All of these are part of the one-third of angelic beings which followed Satan when he rebelled against God and was cast down to Earth.

Many people have the false impression that they are in hell and that is wrong. They live among and around us. Inhabiting places where evil has been or the occult was used, but they can travel anywhere they wish to on or around our world. The problem is that they HATE us with such a deep hatred that the mind of man cannot fathom it!

They know that their time is coming to an end soon and they will do anything to keep the message of God and His Son from being told and believed! If you don’t want to believe me, take a walk somewhere that you know is or has been used by a palm reader or any other occult worship of any kind. If you are or have been a Christian, then you will be fine although you will feel something. If you are not a Christian, and you go to these places, be careful of what you touch and don’t bring anything home with you that has been there.

Anything such as a pentagram or a talisman which has been used in any occult gathering can open a doorway into your home. The reason that I said that Christians will be safe, in a way, is because they have the presence of the Holy Spirit within them and possibly an angel or two accompanying them. They are never alone and that is why I tell anyone who is or has been depressed, they need to turn their lives and their depression over to God. Pray continually, read the Bible, especially Psalms, when you are depressed. The Word of God is powerful and healing in its power but it is also protective too.

Don’t go looking for Satan, if you are not a Christian he knows where you are. If you are a Christian then he is likely keeping tabs on what you are doing and trying to stop or interfere with your witness to others in your ministry. Stay close to Jesus, read and study the Bible, pray early before you start your day so that the day will be better. Look and watch for those who are false prophets and be as close to other Christians as you can be.


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